Would Black Lives Matter Protests Affect The 4th of July Celebrations this year?

On the 25th of May 2020, an African American citizen, named George Floyd, was killed ruthlessly by police in Minneapolis during an arrest. The reaction to this cruel act was quick, raising a debate about racism and the prevalant White privilege all over the world. There is no chance that you haven’t yet seen posts on social media with hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #blacktuesday, #justiceforGeorgeFloyd and others alike. 

George Floyd
George Floyd

Almost all the Americans, without caring for the lockdown and the virus, began to protest on the streets and roads of America, in order to help their fellow citizen and his family get justice, and to avoid any other such incident in future.  When the video of 6 years old Gianna Floyd went viral on the media, where she was saying that “Daddy Changed the World”, her daddy for sure changed the world as the reactions and sympathies started pouring in from all over the world. 

George Floyd Protest
George Floyd Protest

With the fourth of July coming near, Americans are all under complication regarding whether they should celebrate it like before or not?  The black Americans are confused whether they have to celebrate the independence day of a country where they are not free to breathe or not? They are posing questions about their skin color that leads towards snatching of their national rights and because of which they can be tortured to death. All these queries are likely to interrupt the celebrations of 4th of July.

In 2020, the Americans are saying that it would be difficult for us to celebrate the birth of a nation not because of the virus but because of the death of their fellow American. Following are some of the facts due to which the celebrations are likely to be affected:

  • Many Americans are no longer interested in the celebrations of the fourth of July. 
  • Some Americans are saying that they are boycotting the Independence Day celebrations until justice is served to George Floyd and others like him. 
  • Other extremist Americans are likely to ruin the celebrations by their long protests. 
  • Apart from the citizens, the Katy City council too have canceled the Fourth of July show addressing the black lives matter protests. 
  •  The town of faith also has cancelled the traditional fourth of July celebrations because of virus and the murder of George Floyd.
  • The Miami springs, too, have cancelled the 4th of July fireworks because of the murder of George Floyd.
  • Because of all the protests the Feds also have decided to cancel the shows of the fourth of July because of the fear.
Fourth July America
Fourth July America

To conclude, we can say that the murder of George Floyd has resulted in the unity of Americans irrespective of their color, cast, and race, but whether or not the fourth of July celebrations are going to see the same spirit of celebration cannot be said for sure. 

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