Why is sugar not recommended for kids?

Sugar is one of the main ingredients of sweet dishes. Whenever kids throw a tantrum, parents without thinking for a second hand them something sweet like candy or chocolate.  Doctors seriously advise the parents not to feed sugar to kids below the age of two years, because of the countless disadvantages sugar can cause to a kid. Read the article till the end to find out about them. Also we are sure that after reading this article you will not feed your child even a single cube of sugar, so let’s start.

Can badly damage the teeth

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As we all know that sweet foods are the enemy of our teeth. For kids below two years  of age sugar is not advised as the baby teeth are sensitive and can decay easily. When the baby teeth are not healthy the chances of having healthy adult teeth too is low. Also when the baby teeth are decayed the infection can even spread to the jaws and gums and can cause pain and suffering in kids. This is the probably the reason why doctors recommend parents to not add sugar in the milk of kids.  

Can increase the risk of childhood diabetes  

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The level of childhood diabetes is increasing at a fast rate. Every 1 in 6 kids in diabetic patient, well we cannot blame sugar for the disease entirely. However we can say that eating less or no sugar reduces the risk of diabetes in kids as well as in adults. So if you have diabetic patients in your family and you are scared that your kid will also fall prey to this disease make sure to cut off sugar from his or her diet. Replacing white sugar with honey or jaggery is a good idea.

Can make kid hyperactive

Believe it or not, sugar plays a vital role in making a child hyperactive. Kids who eat more sugar tend to be more active than those who don’t eat much sugar. Being active is good but if the kid is hyperactive the rate of heart diseases in kids also increases. So if your child is super active and you are tired of his energy, check the level of daily sugar intake of the kid.  

Effect the mental health

Sugar can also be called brain eater. Eating sugar can reduce the level of intelligence in kids. Kids who eat more sugar tend to be less smart than those who don’t eat much sugary stuff. This is probably because of the fact that sugar makes kids hyperactive and the energy of kids is wasted in jumping and running rather than on studying. To have an Einstein kid replace chocolates and candies with fruits and Almonds.

Increase the level of obesity in kids

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Obesity is the main cause of many diseases. Childhood obesity is one of the most threatening diseases. Parents of an over obese child are always worried regarding the health of their lovely kid. Sugar helps to make kid obese. Sugar help one to gain weight and if one eats a lot of sugar daily he or she will end up being extremely obese. Even the liquids with sugar contribute to make you overweight and obese.

Reduce the level of immunity

Sugar also has an adverse effect on our immunity. If the kid eats sugar in huge amounts his or her immune system will weaken and he or she will be more sensitive to the seasonal viruses and to other diseases. Having low immunity can make the life worse, so to help your child live a happy, healthy, and a long life make sure not to feed sugar especially before two years of age.  

Heart diseases are also caused by sugar

Added Sugars May Up Heart Disease Risk in Kids - NDTV Food

As we earlier discussed that sugar can make kids hyperactive, hence increase the chance of heart diseases. Kids that are always running and don’t sit peacefully even for a second are more sensitive to heart diseases. Other than that sugar also decreases the level of immunity, and increases the risk of heart diseases. To save your kid from heart disorders hide sugar and sugary stuff from him or her.

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