Why a case was filed against Universal Studios

Universal studios theme parks are fun and because of their thrilling rides and activities are loved by everyone. Even though kids and even adults, feel it is a little difficult as well as sad to leave the place because of all the fun activities and rides. However, we don’t think someone will think of filing a law case against such a fun park while leaving it. Read this article till the end to find out about the interesting story or we can say incident that lead to the decision of filing a case against the universal studios

So it started in 1998, when a 57 years old woman named Cleanthi Peters, along with her granddaughter of about 10 years of age visited universal studios. It was near Halloween and the park was all decorated with spooky and haunted stuff to give vibes of Halloween. The woman along with her little granddaughter at first enjoyed a lot. They took several rides and were happily spending some quality time together. However things started to take a weird turn, when the granddaughter wanted to visit the haunted house of the park.

As we all know that haunted houses are scary and near Halloween time they are a little more scary than before. Cleanthi Peters, to fulfill the innocent wish of her dear granddaughter, decided to visit the haunted house. They both enter the haunted house happily but left it with pain, disappointment, anger, and sadness.

The women decided to file a case on the universal studio because of the emotional and physical stress that she and her granddaughter suffered during their visit to the park’s haunted house. According to women the Universal Studios’ annual Halloween Horror House was way too scary for her granddaughter. Both of them were chased by an employee dressed as Leatherface, a fictional character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series, when they accidentally step on wet floor and fell. They employee despite of helping them continue to chase and scare them. Cleanthi Peters claims that because of the accident she and her dear granddaughter sustained several physical injuries and mental stress. So, she decided to sue universal studios for $15,000.

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Some people who see the accident on their own blame the employee dressed as Leatherface for the accident, while the management of the park and some other people say that the haunted house is supposed to be that way. People also say that if the woman and her granddaughter were too sensitive, they shouldn’t have entered the haunted house. Some selfish people who visited the haunted house at the same time as that of the women and the child say that it was not as scary as the woman says and that the screaming of the child and woman ruined their fun too.

However, the woman with a heart full of love for her granddaughter decided to file a case against the ruthless employee and the park’s management. After a few hearings and legal proceedings the court announced the final decision and the respectful judges decided the case in favor of Cleanthi Peters i.e. the woman. She won the case and the universal studios paid her $ 15,000. But no punishment was decided for the employee chasing them. Some people were happy over the decision but the park’s management and the other people were sad over the decision.

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