What Happens To Your Body If You Skip Breakfast?

Breakfast is labelled as the most important meal of the day. How true is this statement? Does skipping breakfast help in weight loss? Are there any benefits/side-effects associated with skipping breakfast? Let’s find out more about the pros and cons of skipping breakfast, shall we?

Does Skipping Breakfast Help in Weight Loss?

No.It does not. The biggest clinical study ever conducted on checking the validity of whether skipping breakfast helps in weight loss was conducted in 2014. A total of 309 participants were selected and divided in two groups – one was instructed to take breakfast regularly and the other was instructed to skip breakfast altogether. The results of this study suggested that skipping breakfast on all days of the week did not help in any significant weight loss. In fact, there were no discerning difference between the weight of breakfast eaters and breakfast skippers at the end of the study.

So What Happens to your body if you skip breakfast?

Pros of Skipping Breakfast

Here are some pros of skipping breakfast:

Avoid Overeating and Weight Loss

Since we have established that regularly skipping breakfast has little to no effect on your weight loss, it is important to note another study conducted by a group of Cornell University researchers. The study’s results suggest that people who skipped breakfast intermittently showed weight loss as compared to the people who skipped breakfast on all days of the week as well the people who took breakfast daily.

Lowers Aging Risks

Intermittent fasting, aka intermittent breakfast skipping, leads to autophagy. Due to this automated body response, the dead and old cellls are destroyed from the body to reverse the harmful effects and reduce the risks of aging.

Cons of Skipping Breakfast

Here are some cons of skipping breakfast:

Energy Loss and Impaired Focus

What Happens To Your Body If You Skip Breakfast
What Happens To Your Body If You Skip Breakfast

If your work involves excessive physical performance, such as lifting objects or doing workout, skipping breakfast is not recommended at all. Even if you have a desk job, your mind needs energy to maintain focus and continue working properly. Skipping breakfast before strenous mental or physical jobs will only lead to dangerous energy loss, impaired focus, deteriorating health and even passing out in extreme cases.

Irresponsible Lifestyle

What Happens To Your Body If You Skip Breakfast
What Happens To Your Body If You Skip Breakfast

A study suggests that people who skip breakfast are at a 67% higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. However, it can be linked to the fact that people who take breakfast regularly are more serious about a healthy lifestyle. Skipping breakfast may be linked to an irresponsible way of living as people who skip breakfast tend to compensate for the energy deficiency by eating junk food and are more prone to alcoholism and smoking.

If You Are Hungry, Eat!

What Happens To Your Body If You Skip Breakfast
What Happens To Your Body If You Skip Breakfast

Your body’s normal functioning depends upon your metabolism. Metabolism is like a fire, you must stoke it by eating on time. It is understandable that your body is not prepared to gobble up heavily buttered toasts, cereals and other breakfast items in the morning. Nevertheless, the doctor’s recommended rule of thumb in case of skipping or eating breakfast states that you shall eat when you are hungry. Hunger is your body’s way of asking for sustenance and any responsible person shall respond to it as soon as he/she can.

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