What Does Science Say About Law Of Attraction

There is an old saying that you attract towards your life what you put out the most. But is this saying really true? What is the evidence which provides a base for this saying?

Law Of Attraction Origin

Through the means of meditation, the seekers have discovered how the external circumstances effect the internal state of your mind. Many recent writers have observed these ideas and introduced the “Law of attraction”, “Power of Intention” and “Ask, and it is given”. These ideas brought up many thought leaders to this discussion. Today, we will answer whether this saying is true or not?


Scientific Evidence on Law of Attraction

By the result of recent studies, it has been observed that our brains conform the functionality to the Law Of Attraction. Well, the most interesting fact here is be the discovery of mirror neurons. First mirror neurons were discovered in monkeys. Later, they were also discovered in the humans, which means humans tend to do things which they observe in other humans. This is the first time when we are observing the same pattern in humans, which allows a person to do things that are mirrored in the brain of the observer. It also implies that our brain is doing the same thing that we are observing.

Mirror Neurons - law-of-attraction-allnwews2u.com

Brain Imaging Favors Law of Attraction

We also have other findings through brain imaging which go in the favor of Law Of Attraction. The study shows that when our brain is exposed to a fearful face, an almond shape collection of nerve cells in the brain, which we call the Amygdala is activated. When people see fearful faces the Amygdala lit up in brain imaging as the subjects are experiencing fear.

The most interesting thing is that there are many ways to change the experiment. For example, when fearful faces were presented to completely unprepared people, the amygdala light up just like the Amygdala of those who were informed about the experiment. The experiment was even done on brain-damaged people, and the result showed that their Amygdala lit up by seeing fearsome faces. It this means that what others experience as fear is also registered as fear in our brains. These findings confirm why anxious people will make other people anxious and fearful people will make other people afraid too. This rule also applies to happiness and joy.

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Activated Amygdala

Science Confirms Law Of Attraction

The other evidence which supports the “law of attraction”, “Power of Intention” and “Ask and it is given” is the region of the brain which is involved in intention. This region is connected with the brain region which is involved with the “action”. So, this means if we light up the region which is involved with the intentions, the action region will automatically light up. The only condition is that the intentions should be strong enough to make the action happen. However, here is a problem with strong intention. If we focus too much on a feeling, the intention can make it worse. For example, if we decrease the intention of feeling pain, the pain also decreases.

CONFIRMED - law-of-attraction-allnwews2u.com

Thus, “contagious feelings”, “contagious actions”, “attention-action” connections and “intention-action” connections – all provide the bases for “law of attraction”

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