Trending Challenges YouTube Vloggers Are Trying Nowadays

If you are a fan of YouTube then you will surely agree with us that YouTube challenges are trending nowadays. All the vloggers are competing against each other by trying some fun and unique challenges. The challenges are helping the vloggers to get creative with their content. The challenges are a source of ultimate fun for the viewers, and the view count motivates the vloggers to create more such fun content. Given below are some of the challenges that the YouTubers are trying, all these challenges are so easy that everyone can try these challenges at home with their family. Have a look at the trending challenges:

Trending YouTube Challenges
Trending YouTube Challenges

Chubby Bunny challenge

Chubby Bunny challenge is the favorite challenge of kids as it involves marshmallows. In this challenge the contestants place one marshmallow at a time in their mouth and say the phrase CHUBBY BUNNY”, then without chewing on the previous marshmallow place another one in their mouth and once again says Chubby Bunny. This goes on until the person takes the marshmallows out or can no longer say the phrase clearly. The last person to say the phrase clearly wins the challenge. If you are trying this challenge, then be careful as it can cause choking. 

Alphabet food challenge for 24 hours

The second challenge that almost every YouTuber is trying is the “24 hours Alphabet Food Challenge”. In this challenge the participants have to eat in accordance with the letters of English language for a day. They start the meal of the day by consuming any item from letter “A” and end it by eating some food that starts from letter “Z”. If you are thinking of trying this challenge then you can consume apple and bread along with coffee for breakfast, then you can enjoy some donuts with Enchilada and so on.    

Food color challenge

This challenge as the name suggests is also related to food. In this challenge the participants decide any color and then he/she has to eat the food item that is in the opted color. The challenge and the preparations of the challenge are very amusing. The challenge can be performed by a single person or by more than one person. In case of multiple players, the color chosen by every participant must be different. In case you are going to choose yellow color then some food items that you can eat or drink during the challenge include scrambled eggs, bananas, mango juice, mac and cheese, corn etc.  

Twin telepathy challenge

Twin telepathy challenge is the type of compatibility test. The challenge can be taken on by siblings, couples, or friends. In this challenge 

  • A barrier is placed between the participants.
  •  Two or three options are given to them.
  • Then the first person has to pick his/her favorite item.
  • The second person then has to think of the item that his/her competitor would have selected.
  • If the item chosen by both participants is the same the second person gets a point and if the item is different the first person gets a point.
  • The participant with more points wins the challenge.

Eat it or wear it challenge

As most of the YouTube challenges are related to food, same is the case with this eat it or wear or challenge. In this challenge some food items are placed in front of participants along with two bowls having chits. In one bowl the name of food items is written on chits and in the second bowl chits labeling “EAT IT” or “WEAR IT” are placed. The competitors take out the chits and perform what is written on chits.  The challenge can be made tricky by using items that are difficult to eat and to wear as well like raw egg, mustard paste, raw meat, toothpaste etc. 

Letting the Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat For 24 Challenge 

Last on the list, is the unique challenge titled “Letting the person in front of me decide what I eat for 24 challenge”. In this challenge people mostly take help from takeaways. The participants have to get and eat the exact same order as the person before them ordered. This challenge is best for picky eaters as they will have to eat what the order contains. The challenge goes on for 24 hours.

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