Top 10 Most Terrifying Paranormal Shows

Paranormal shows and ghost hunting programmes makeup for an entertaining and terrifying experience for many viewers on multiple platforms. Despite their flashy nature in most cases, paranormal shows grab the attention of almost all the viewers – including you and me. 

Here is our list of 10 most terrifying paranormal shows for you:

Paranormal Shows
Paranormal Shows

Haunted Collector

Haunted Collector takes an original approach to genre. A popular Demonologist, John Zaffis, and family investigate paranormal cases. They not only investigate a case but also find and remove trigger objects to which spirits may be attached. It is real life version of Ghostbusters

Paranormal Lockdown

Two veterans, the Ghost Adventure’s Nick Groff and Paranormal State’s Katrina Weidman lead this show. Despite their awkward chemistry, their thoughtful approach and professionalism makes this show one of the most engaging programs aired for the viewers. Instead of visiting a place for a few hours, the Paranormal Lockdown’s team spends 72 hours confined in one reportedly paranormal location to find evidence. It is raw, realistic and less flashy than other shows.

Paranormal State

Katrina Weidman is among the hosts of this show. It is different from all other paranormal shows because it is led by University Club Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society. The show’s outline and story arches were designed in advance, which is why it may look overproduced and outright fake. However, its numerous entertaining scenes that are terrifying enough to unnerve you.

Most Haunted

It is one of the most popular and longest running shows on TV featuring a team of investigators led by Yvette Fielding. The team explores different paranormal locations across Europe and the show may seem more like a rating chaser to many viewers. Nevertheless, it is quite terrifying. 

A Haunting

Unlike most of the generic paranormal shows, A Haunting is a documentary-based show rather than investigative program. It features real stories of people inflicted by seemingly paranormal activities. Due to real people telling their experiences, A Haunting is more digestible and entertaining. Not to mention the mindblowing dramatic reenactments brought about by amazing better production of well shot and well acted scenes.

Destination Truth

Paranormal Researcher Josh Gates travels through different paranormal locations of the world to try and capture different cryptozoological creatures. This show is filled with humorous and skeptical remarks from the team which might lighten the situation but it is worth-mentioning that the team finds some downright chilling things during their investigation.

The Dead Files

It is a paranormal investigation show with a twist in which a medium, Amy Allen, and a retired homicide detective Steve Dischiavi work together to unearth paranormal mysteries. Amy channels and communicates with ghosts in a given location while Steve interviews victims related to the particular location. It is one of the most terrifying shows on air.

Paranormal Witness

It is quite a generic show but it stands above the oversaturated world of paranormal programs because of its remarkable production and engagement with the viewers. 

Ghost Hunters

No discussion regarding the paranormal shows is complete without the mention of this very popular and terrifying show. Although it is a slow paced show, it offers investigation and evidence to some of the very realistic paranormal activities ever reported.

Ghost Adventures

It is one of the best and scariest paranormal shows featuring a group of easily-excitable men who investigate locations with high-end equipment, such as infrared cameras and thermal cameras. It offers compelling proof of the paranormal as these guys have caught some of the most convincing evidences throughout their journey.

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