Themes you can use to décor your kid’s room

Kids’ rooms are one of the best places in the house. Kids’ love their room if it is decorated well, and if not kids’ are less likely to stay in their own room. Decorating kids’ rooms efficiently has many benefits. The significant one of them is that if the kid loves his or her room he or she will care for it and will not make it messy. Given below are some of the themes you can use to décor your kid’s room, some of the themes are for girls, some are for boys, and some are for both genders. If you are confused regarding how to décor the room make sure to read this article as after reading it you will end up with a lot of ideas.

Themes for girls

A girl room is not so difficult to decorate. All you need is pink color, glitters, and other fancy stuff. Given below are some of the themes that you can choose to decorate your little princess room: 


Girls Unicorn Bedroom | Unicorn Theme | Little Girls Room | Unicorn Room Decor | | Girls bedroom room, Unicorn room decor, Unicorn bedroom decor

Unicorns are the most famous and loved character among girls. Little girls are in love with unicorns, they want to have unicorns on everything from dresses to school bags. Give a surprise to your little one by setting the theme of the room to unicorn. You can easily find stuff that will help you to décor room according to the unicorn theme. You can also make stuff for decoration at home. Unicorn themed wallpapers are easily available online, just get them and you are all set to make your little princess happy.  


33+ Whimsical Mermaid Bedroom Ideas for Girls |

Mermaids too are adored by little girls. Mermaid theme too is very popular and easy. Some of the main elements of a mermaid themed room include seashells, green color, purple color, star shape etc. You can either get the stuff to the décor room online or can make it on your own. Finding a mermaid themed bed too is very easy. If your little one loves mermaids then you can go with this theme. 

Disney Princess

Disney Princesses Themed Bedroom | Princess theme bedroom, Princess bedrooms, Disney princess bedroom

Disney princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel etc. are loved by girls. Little girls love to watch them and to copy them. To put a smile on your little one’s face you can choose one or all of them as the theme of your princess’s bedroom. Finding the stuff that is related to the Disney princess is as easy as ABC. You can even DIY the stuff on your own. Also this theme is the most popular theme for the girls’ room.   

Pink themed room

Marie Antoinette Inspired Home: A NYC apartment | Pink bedrooms, Pink room, Pink bedroom

Pink is loved by almost all girls. If you want to decorate the room of your little girl in a simple and easy way you can go with this theme. It is a very simple yet an efficient theme. All you need in pink bed sheet, pink curtains, some pink decoration pieces, and pink paint or wallpaper. You can even contrast the main color i.e. pink with other color like gold or silver.

Themes for boys

Super Hero themed room

Boy's Batman Superhero themed room with Bat Signal over the city wall mural, Batmobile bed and custom canvas… | Batman room, Themed kids room, Batman themed bedroom

Boys think themselves as the superheroes. They try to act like them and to make everyone around them feel safe. You can choose the super heroes theme for your little boys’ room. You can choose either one hero or more than one. To get stuff that can be used to décor room according to the superhero theme is not so difficult. If you are confused regarding the theme make sure to try this one. 


Disney Cars Bedroom Furniture ideas pictures | Cars room, Car bedroom, Disney cars bedroom

Cars too are loved by boys. This theme is extremely popular among boys. You can find car shaped beds almost everywhere. You can even make a racing track inside the room and can see your kid enjoy it for a long time. For decoration you just need some toy cars and the room is ready. 


Decor For Kids on Instagram: “Soccer⚽️⚽️⚽️ Credit to Cooper Bespoke Joinery LTD” | Soccer themed bedroom, Boy bedroom design, Soccer bedroom

Football or any other sports that are loved by you boy can also be the theme of the kids’ room. To décor the room according to the football theme is extremely easy, you can get ideas for decorating the room on Google. Football’s main colors are white and black, use this color on the walls of the room, you can also make a small football ground in the room using artificial grass or a green carpet.  


20 Cool Furniture Designs Made Out of Legos | Bedroom themes, Lego bedroom, Extreme makeover home edition

Last but not the least on the list of the themes for boys is the Lego theme.  The main color for Legos includes yellow, red, blue, and green. You can easily get Legos wallpaper for the walls. Lego tables, beds, and other such stuff are easily available in the markets. This theme is attractive enough to compel the kids towards their room   

Themes for both genders

Zoo themed room

Pin by Michelle Cherryhomes on Preschool | Zoo bedroom ideas, Dear zoo, Preschool projects

Animals are loved by almost everyone. You can choose this theme for your kids’ bedroom. You can also choose one animal that your kids like the most.  Wildlife animals like tigers, lions, elephants, and even extinct animals like dinosaurs are among the most popular themes for kids’ bedrooms. To find stuff in the décor room according to this theme is extremely easy.

Disney Character

Winnie the Pooh Room Themes | setting your kids room with winnie the pooh theme winnie the pooh and ... | Winnie the pooh nursery, Baby room themes, Bear nursery

Disney characters including Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, or other such characters that are loved by both girls and boys can also be used to décor the room. You can even choose more than one character. If brother and sister share a room you can choose mickey and Minnie theme to make both the genders happy.  

Space themed

Space-Themed Interior Design Ideas That Bring The Stars Into Your Home | Outer space bedroom, Space themed bedroom, Bedroom themes

Space theme is a very different theme. If your kids are interested in space ships, planets, stars, and aliens, choose this theme. To get the readymade stuff for this theme is difficult but you can easily make the stuff at home. Alien toys, robots, spaceships, glow in dark stars, and black color help to décor the room according to this theme. 

Favorite profession theme

Pin by Debbie Beer on Debbie's House of Dreams | Doctor who bedroom, Doctor who room, Cozy small bedrooms

If your kid is super obsessed with a profession like doctor, firefighter, engineer etc. you can decorate the room according to the profession. It is a little difficult to decorate the room according to this theme however all the efforts are nothing compared to the smile the kids will have after seeing the room. 

Underwater themed room

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into An Underwater-Themed Space | Ocean themed bedroom, Ocean themed rooms, Bedroom wallpaper murals

Last but not the least theme for the kids room is underwater. The Underwater theme too is a very simple and efficient theme. Paint your room dark blue and use fish stickers to add an element of marine life. For more fun you can even add an aquarium with fishes in the room. 

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