The new variant of coronavirus

The second wave of virus was not over yet and the new variant of the original virus started attacking humanity. Recently we heard the news that Britain’s streets are empty because of the new variant of the virus, and that many countries have banned the flights from and to Britain. Experts have warned that the new mutation of the virus is spreading at a very fast rate. Now we are hearing the news that this variant exist in 36 countries and is spreading fastly in those countries.

The new mutation of the virus accounts for 60% to 70% of the Covid cases in London. Health officials have warned that the new variation is more contagious and that flights to the United Kingdoms must be banned to prevent the spread of the virus.  Experts have named the new variant of virus as B.1.1.7.

The B.1.1.7. is more dangerous then original covid-19 because of the following facts:

Mutations that occur in this B.1.1.7. are trouble causing

Scientists have warned that the new virus has several mutations that bind to a human cell and badly infects a human body. The virus has spikes that gets attached to the human cells and cause the virus to badly effect humans’ body.

The variant of virus is more transmissible

The transmission or spread rate of B.1.1.7. is very high. If the original virus was infecting 15 people, the new variant is likely to infect 30 people. This fact is seriously causing worries among people and doctors.

The fast transmission rate will worsen the situation

The second wave of virus is spreading very fast. For almost a year people are living with a fear of virus all around. Many countries’ economic situations have worsened because of the lockdown. The new variation if continue to spread at a very fast rate will lead to another lockdown, which will definitely cause many troubles.

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The new variant is likely to equally infect children

At first it was believed that children are less likely to catch and transfer viruses. Now the new virus is likely to affect kids and children equally as adults. The weak immune system of kids makes it all even more than worse.

Another very sad thing is that the available vaccines are effective for the original virus only. It is not yet sure that the vaccine will provide immunity against variant B.1.1.7 or not. If the vaccine is not effective for the variant, then the scientists will have to do all the efforts once again. Many countries have already vaccinated the medical experts and senior citizens against the original Virus.

Since the advent of the virus millions of people have tested positive for the virus and millions of people died of the monstrous virus. Now the only hope is that the B.1.1.7 don’t spread throughout the world or that we find an effective vaccine for it as soon as possible.

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