Terry Jo Duperrault – Story of girl found alone in ocean

We all love to travel, don’t we? Traveling on a boat or any other water transport is fun, but at the same time, it is scary as well. Many people are afraid of traveling via sea, while many others love to do so. In this article, we will tell you about the real-life story of Terry Jo, a little girl, who was found alone in the ocean. We are sure that this story will leave you with goosebumps and teary eyes. So let’s have a look.

1961 Press Photo Survivor Terry Jo Duperrault Bluebelle Captain Julian Harvey: Amazon.ca: Home & Kitchen

Terry’s father, Arthur Duperrault, always dreamed of taking his family into the sea to explore the sea and the exotic islands. Finally, his dream came true by November 1961, and he decided to take his family to the Bahamas for a vacation. The Duperrault family including father, mother, 14 years old boy, 11 years old Terry Jo, and 7-year-old little girl were super excited for the journey.

Arthur decided to take his old friend Julian and his wife Dene with them too. They even decided that Julian will sail the boat, little did they know that this decision will only cause them troubles.

Their journey towards the Bahamas started on the night of 8th November 1961. For the first five days, things went well. The family was enjoying their voyage and was happy to be on the sea. Everything was going well until the fifth night on the boat.

On the fifth night, Terry Jo who was sleeping on the deck of the boat, wake up to the screams of her brother coming from the upper part of the boat. She gets out of the deck and saw something unbelievable. Terry described the scene as:

“I ran on top of the deck to see what happened. I saw my mother and brother in a pool of blood.”

After seeing this scene, Terry rushed to the deck to see how her little sister and father were doing. However, in the meantime Julian pushed her into the deck, where he had placed the corpse of his wife, he took the corpse and opened the water valve. By opening the water valve, Julian was sure that terry will die shortly. But Terry quickly found the small lifeboat and get on it, while the ship sank before her eyes.

Terry didn’t know what happened to her father and sister but was sure that her brother and mother were killed by Julian. Actually, Julian’s wife had insurance worth $20,000, and Julian wanted to get their hands on that money. So he decided to kill his wife and will regard the murder as an accident. Unfortunately, Arthur saw him doing that, and to save himself Julian decided to kill everyone on the boat.

Julian found a boat that rescued him, he also took the body of his wife with himself. Upon investigations he told that the ship encountered a storm and was drowned, he further said that he was able to catch the body of his wife, while everyone else drowned.

On the other hand, Terry was stranded in the middle of the ocean without food. She gave up all the hopes of survival and was in a very bad condition. After four days a boat noticed her and she was rescued. She was malnourished and was taken to the hospital. After recovery, she told the real story and shocked the world.

The authorities then started to search for Julain, however, he committed suicide after few days and hence was not caught by the authorities.       

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