Story of Harambe the Gorilla

We all love animals, right. Love for animals is something we are born with. You may have seen cute videos in which little babies are seen enjoying with their animal friends. No matter how old we are, we still love to visit zoos to interact with our animal friends. To say that animals are the cutest thing on the planet would not be wrong at all. However, there are many incidents where some inhuman humans are seen torturing animals and harming them. Some animals’ have a life story so sad that everyone with a living heart feels sad after getting to know about their story. In this article we will share the sad story of Harambe the Gorilla with you, which may make you cry. So let’s start.

Harambe the gorilla put zoo in a lose-lose situation – by being himself

Harambe the gorilla was born in Gladys Porter zoo on 27th May 1999. He was named Harambe after the song “ Harambe”.  When he was young he was a happy and fun loving gorilla, and people who visited him would fall in love with him at first sight. In 2014, he was transferred to Cincinnati Zoo.

He basically was transferred to Cincinnati Zoo to make him learn the adult gorilla behavior, however the zoo being Harambe’s death place and the zoo’s management ended up being the killer. Harambe was placed in a huge cage, with a little pool in it. He used to make people happy, until 28 May 2016.

On 28th May 2016, Harambe was in its cage doing what he used to do, and then all of the sudden a three years old boy fell in his cage. The people who saw the accident report that the boy wanted to meet Gorilla, so he climbed a three foot fence and then slipped into the Gorilla’s Habitat. There were three gorillas in the habitat, two female and one male Harambe. The female gorillas were away, but poor Harambe was near the kid.

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Harambe too got worried about seeing a little human in its cage. He then picked the boy up and touched him several times. The boy was doing okay, and then Harambe started dragging the boy in the water, from one corner to another. People believe that Harambe was annoyed at people screaming, and that’s why he dragged the baby. As the Zoo management was worried about the boy’s life, they immediately made the decision of shooting Harambe.

The Zoo management killed Harambe with a single shot. The boy was in between the gorilla’s legs when the gorilla was shot to death. Afraid the video clip and news went viral, people were mad at the zoo’s administration.

People say that the administration should have used another method like tranquilizers. Some people also blame the boy’s parents. People ask where the boy’s parents were when he was climbing the fence.

There was a huge outrage days after the accident. People protested against the zoo and many raised their voices for animals’ rights.  However the Zoo’s administration was not considered liable and the boy too was safe at all. The only being who lost his life was Harambe. Harambe was 17 years old at the time of his death, but he is living in the heart of animal lovers.

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