Some of the most unusual borders of the world

Borders separate one country from the other, most of the countries have their borders at a place away from the residence. All countries protect their borders with the help of a strong army, and don’t allow any unauthorized person to come near its border. The army of a country protects the borders at all cost. If the first few things that come in our mind after hearing the word Border include army, guns, away from residence, and other terms like that, then this article definitely is for you. The article given below will surely change the way of thinking as it includes some of the most unusual borders that different countries share. So let’s start:

Mexico and America

The border that separates Mexico from America is located at the beach in Tijuana. The Mexican people can visit the border or the beach any time and the American people too can visit the border anytime. The people from two different countries can even interact with each other. The security forces recruited at the border are always alert. If the forces see any person doing some illegal activity or mysterious thing they take serious action against such person. So if you want to visit Mexico and America’s border, make sure to act normal.

Argentina, brazil, and Paraguay

Mostly the borders are between two countries, but one there is one unusual border that is shared between three countries. The thing that makes this border unique and usual is that it separates three countries. This border is located where the Iguazu and Parana River meet. People who see three different countries from one point wish to visit this border.

North Korea and South Korea

The border between North Korea and South Korea is one of the tense borders of the world. This border is 155 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. The border is called Demilitarized Zone. The zone acts as a barrier between the communist North Korea and Capitalist South Korea. The fact that the border separates the two countries that were once a part of the same country, makes the border unique.

Russia and America

The border between Russia and America too is very unique. The border originated during the Cold War. The name of the border is Bering Strait.  The border is about 82 km wide. The border basically is located in an ocean, where the glacier water gathers. The fact that makes this border unique is that it is located in an ocean where protection is a little difficult and that it is connected with Bering sea at one point and Chukchi Sea on the other part.

Spain and Portugal

Portugal Spain border is one of the oldest borders of history. The border is also referred to as the stripe. The border is 1214 km long on Portugal’s side and 1232 Km on Spain’s side. The thing that makes this border unique is that it is the longest uninterrupted border. The border is not defined as a border for about 18 km. The undefined part of the border falls between Caia River and Ribeira de Cuncos.  Also Spain and Portugal’s border allows people to travel from one place to another using a zip line. The border is located on a river between Spain and Portugal. The people can even travel from one country to another using a ship but a zip line is an easy and efficient way of travelling.

Sudan and Egypt

A place located near the northern border of Egypt and Southern border of Sudan is not a part of the world map. This place neither belongs to Sudan nor to Egypt. Both the countries are unwilling to make this place part of its map. Even though the border of Sudan and Egypt is located on this place, still both countries don’t consider it as their part.   

Argentina and Brazil

Next on the list of the most unusual borders is the border between Argentina and Brazil. The waterfall is located at the border between Argentina and Brazil. The 80% of waterfalls belong to Argentina and 20% of the waterfall belongs to Brazil. This border is one of the most visited places on earth.

Ukraine and Poland

A unique structure of a big fish is carved on the border of Ukraine and Poland. Half of the fish belong to Ukraine and the other half belongs to Poland.  The fish structure is only visible from a drone camera or helicopter. The design of fish makes this border among the unique borders of the world.

USA and Canada

The border between the USA and Canada is 9000 km long. This means that the countries are connected with each other at many points. The thing that makes this border unique is that a library is constructed at the middle of the border. The front of the library belongs to America but the books and the back side of the library belongs to Canada. The library aims to provide educational facilities to the community living near the border.

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