Some huge animals on the planet

Animals are undoubtedly the cutest creature on the planet. Almost everyone love animals and wants to keep at least one animal as a pet. However this article includes some of the animals that cannot be kept as a pet, not because they are dangerous but because of the fact they are very huge and cannot stay inside a normal house. Read the article below to find out about the enormous and gigantic animals of the world. So let’s start:

Blue whale

Blue whale - Wikipedia

The largest animal on the planet is a blue whale. Blue whale is a marine mammal that is not known by a huge population. The blue whale is regarded as the largest animal ever seen. After dinosaurs they are the largest animal.  The blue whale can reach up to the length of 29.9 meters. The blue whale can live for a really long time. On average a blue whale can live for about 80 to 100 years. Blue whale is an endangered animal. Mostly blue whales weigh up to 130,000 Kilograms. Marine specialists say that if proper measures are not taken this animal can become extinct.


Elephant - Wikipedia

Elephants are also one of the largest animals of the world. Elephants are mammals and are friendly and joyful. However if they are angry they can kill one too. An adult elephant can weigh up to 60 tons and is 30 meters in height. The average life of an elephant is around 40 years. Elephants’ big ears and their tusks are among the most common features of elephants. In some countries elephants are seen roaming on the roads freely, however as they are now extinct wildlife programs and department has taken this matter in to hands.

 Saltwater crocodile

Saltwater crocodile - Wikipedia

Saltwater crocodiles too are among the gigantic and endangered animals on the planet. Saltwater crocodile is among the very few animals that can eat the full sized animal in just one bite. The teeth of crocodile are very sharp and can tear one apart. This animal can weigh up to 435 KGs and have the height of 21 meter or more. On an average approximately 17 humans are eaten by crocodile in a month.

Brown Bear

Brown bear - Wikipedia

Brown bear also known as grizzly bear is also among the huge animals of the world. The weight of the bear can be 970 kg and its height can be of 21 meters. Brown bear can be found on mountains and forests, the animal eat fish and have excellent sense of smell.  Brown bears are very possessive about their family and can even die or take someone else’s life to save their family. People who see them fell in love with them, however these cute looking animals can take one’s life too.


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