Some 4th of July Celebration Ideas for American under COVID-19

As we all know that 4th of July, the American Independence Day, is around the corner, the patriotic Americans are as always excited for the day, and are counting days left for the celebrations.  However, this year the excitement has turned into a little bit of nervousness because of the COVID 19. The virus, quarantine, lockdown, masks, gloves, and sanitizers have already taken over our lives, but we will not let them ruin our 4th of July celebrations at all. Given below are some of the best ideas to celebrate 4th of July in lockdown while putting your lives in no risk.

Have a look at the ideas below and celebrate the American Independence Day in a fun-filled patriotic spirit:

Have A Barbeque Party In the Backyard 

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Nothing beats the smell of freshly cooked barbeque chicken. Cooking in the backyard is the perfect activity to celebrate 4th of July in lockdown. You can also grill burgers, roast marshmallows, make hamburgers, and other food in the backyard of your home. You can also set the dining table outside and enjoy the 4th of July feast. You can invite a friend or two while following all the necessary precautions.   

Wear Old Navy Clothes

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Wearing old navy classic clothes on 4th of July has become compulsory. Make sure to shop for the American tees before the time so that you can get some awesome pictures clicked on the day. Also, the celebrations are incomplete without old navy American clothes so what are you waiting for, get clothes for yourself and your family right now.   

Have A Water Fight At Your Home

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Water fights are an incredible way to celebrate the 4th of July. By putting on a patriotic looking swimsuit you can have fun with your family. By using water balloons, water guns, buckets, and pipes as the weapon you can make the 4th of July in lockdown memorable.

Cut the American Flag Themed Cake

Red, White and Blue Layered Flag Cake Recipe -

No celebration is considered complete without a cake. Cutting the cake is like putting a full stop to any celebration. To add some more fun to the 4th of July celebrations in lockdown cut an American Flag themed cake. The cake can be baked and decorated easily at home or can be bought from any confectionary shop. Make sure to pray for the country and for the world before cutting the cake. 

Eat Blue, Red, And White Foods

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American flag colors too play a vital role in the celebration of 4rth of July. Stock some treats that are in red, white, and blue in color to get the feeling of American Independence Day. Some treats that come in these colors include Jell-O, popsicle, pancakes, cupcakes etc. Eating the patriotic themed food will make your day extra special.

Decorate the House with Flags

The Most Beautiful Ways to Display Antique American Flags in Your Home (With images) | Blue decor, 4th of july decorations, Made in america

Another fun way to celebrate 4rth of July in lockdown is to decorate your house with the American flags. Decorate the outside, inside, balcony, roof, swimming pool, lawn and every other part of the home with flags. Make sure to indulge your kids while decorating the house. 

Learn Something New About America

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To make the day productive, teach your kids about something related to America. Tell them about the American history, literature, pledge of allegiance, soldiers, government, important places of America, and other such things. You can also arrange a debate or quiz competition among kids at home and can invite guests via video calls.

Have Fun with Sparklers

The sparklers too are a very significant part of the 4rth of July celebrations. Kids find sparklers so much fun. After the sunset you can fire sparklers in your backyard only if they are legal in your state. Don’t hand the sparklers to little kids as it may cause troubles. 

Is It Safe for Children to Use Sparklers? (with pictures)

Watch an American Movie

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In the afternoon when the sun is at its peak, you can have some rest in your TV lounge while watching a family American movie. Some of the movies that you can watch on 4rth of July include, born on the Fourth of July, The American president, National Treasure etc. You can even watch some American documentaries.  

Arrange Fireworks Show at Your House

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As we know that most of the 4rth of July firework shows are cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus, resulting in disappointment among kids. To have fun with your kids you can arrange a little firework show at your home only if it is legal in your area. Use the environment friendly crackers and be careful while using them.

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