Shocking last wishes of the people

Death is one of the saddest realities of the world. No matter what, everyone has to die one day, and no one can escape death. The feeling that I will die soon just gives one goosebump. To make death a bit relaxing, people try to fulfill their one last wish. Criminals and prisoners also are allowed to fulfill their last wish. Mostly last wish is related to family or some loved one but in this article, we will tell you about some of the strangest last wishes that are beyond normal. So let’s start: Pringles Original Potato Crisps Chips 5.2 oz. (Pack of 3 Cans)

We all love pringles chips. At first, pringles used to come in a packet, but then a man named Fedrick decided to introduce them in a tube-shaped cylinder. The man was in love with his idea. So, he decided to be with the shape of pringles even after his death. He wrote a letter before his death, in which he advised his sons to burn his body after death and to place the ashes in a pringles chips cylinder, and then bury it. This wish was found strange by many people.

Historicist: The Great Stork Derby

Charles Vance Millar was a very rich Canadian. His last wish too was very strange. He wished to give $150,000 for ten years, out of his wealth to the woman who gave birth to the largest number of kids. After the ten years of his death, 4 women won the money by giving birth to 9 kids. This event is still known in history by the name of The Great Stork Debby.

Leona Helmsley's Little Rich Dog Trouble Dies in Luxury - ABC News

Leona Hemsley was the richest woman in America. She was also known as the real estate queen. She owned a dog named troubles, and she loved the dog immensely. She died in 2007 and wished to transfer all her wealth to her dog. The dog becomes the owner of $12 million, after her death. A security guard also was hired for the richest dog, and the dog lived a very royal life. Sadly the dog died in 2012 and the wealth was donated to a dog welfare institute.

6 Destinations Forbidden For Women - SheThePeople TV

There was an American lawyer, who hated women. After his death, he left nothing for his wife and daughter. He made a $50,000 fund and wished to make a library from the fund after his death. He strictly mentioned not allow any women to enter his library, and not keep any book written by a woman in his library. he also mentioned that the furniture of the library also should not be designed by a woman. They chose the name of the library as women less library. After his death, his wife and daughter challenged his wish in court, and they won the case and hence his last wish was not fulfilled. People, especially women, still hate him for his unfulfilled last wish.

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