Sharks are on a greater risk, but what is the reason

As we all know that millions of humans have died only because of Covid-19, and every day thousands of new patients are admitted to hospital only because of the virus. It’s been more than six months that the virus has attacked humanity, still no proper vaccine is developed yet.

It's Always the Summer of the Shark - The New York Times

Scientists and doctors struggled to make the vaccine even when the cases were in a very minimal amount. When the cases started to increase, the efforts of the scientists and doctors increased too and they were determined to make a vaccine at whatever the cost it takes.  Till date Russia, China, and the U.S. have developed a vaccine and have started to test it on humans, they believe that the vaccine will be available for human use within four months or less.

Now a new research states that a squalene named oil is effective when used in the vaccine of Covid-19. Scientists and doctors were happy over the fact that they have found an effective oil to prevent Coronavirus. Little did the Scientists and doctors know that their finding will cause sadness and stress among the people.

When the doctors found out the oil that can help prevent the virus they also found the source of it, which is the largest sea creature named Shark. Yes, that’s true. The stomach of the shark contains the oil named squalene that can be used to treat and prevent many diseases including coronavirus. Findings proved that to provide the vaccine to the whole humanity, more than half a million sharks will be needed. The sharks will be killed and the oil will be extracted out of their stomach and will be used in vaccines.

People have mixed reactions to the development of vaccines. Medical science and some other people are happy over the news that the vaccine will be available shortly. While some others, are sad that a huge population of the already extinct species will be killed, and will be used for the benefit of humans. Marine life specialists say that they will not allow anyone to harm even a single shark and it is not even allowed to kill any species. They also say that even if the squalene can be made from olive oil, bacteria, and sugarcane etc. doctors and scientists prefer sharks to reduce their work. While doctors say that the squalene derived from sharks is 80% more effective than the one made artificially from olive oil, bacteria, and sugarcane etc.

People who love animals have made a petition on how selfish are human. Thousands and thousands of people have signed the petition, and they even say that they will not allow anyone to kill even a single shark at any cost. Doctors and scientists too are now worried that such comments of people and signing of petition will make it difficult for them to sacrifice sharks.

Also the health companies, organizations, and other medical science institutes say that if the vaccine is not developed timely the virus will cause more damage than it has already caused. So, it is necessary to make vaccines even if it needs to kill any animal.

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