Rare fruits you may not know about

Fruits are enriched with nutrients. Fruits are loved by the eighty percent of the population and the rest twenty percent of the population is always advised to eat fruits. Fruits provide one all the essential nutrients without providing fats. Athletes and people who don’t want to gain fats always prefer eating fruits for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Almost all the fruits are tasty and are full of nutrients. In this article we will provide you information about some rare fruits that 90 percent of the population has never tasted or heard about. So let’s start the article:

Rare black Apple

Black Diamond apples are a rare breed of apples grown in the mountains of Tibet. They have a unique dark purple skin. | Fruit, Fruit photography, Fruit plants

Apples are loved by all, we all love to have red and green apples, but have you ever heard about the black apple? Black Apple is a very rare type of Apple that is found in Tibetan region of Nyingchi. The color of apples is black due to the temperature of the region. No matter what the color of the apple is, the taste is the same as that of a red apple. Most of the people haven’t seen this apple and those who have eaten this apple consider themselves lucky people of the world.


Mangosteen Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Mangosteen fruit is the native of Indonesia, and is found in many South Asian countries. The fruit is packed inside a small shell. The fragrance of the fruit attracts people towards this tasty fruit. This fruit is best for fitness freaks as it has no cholesterol or fats and helps one get all the essential nutrients without getting any fats. Also it is the best source of Vitamin C.

Miracle fruit

Synsepalum dulcificum - Wikipedia

As the name suggests finding this fruit and eating it just like a miracle. This fruit is reddish in color and is the best for the cancer patients. The fruit has a single seed and has the taste of sweet berry, and raspberry. This fruit too can be used to cut down cholesterol.

 African Horned Cucumber                                         

7 Benefits of Kiwano (Horned Melon) — And How to Eat It

Finding a cucumber is an easy task, but finding an African Horned Cucumber is very difficult. This fruit was first found in Africa about 3000 years ago. The inside part of the fruit tastes the same like cucumber but has so much seed and the outer part of the fruit i.e. shell is enriched with Vitamin C.


Rambutan Fruit Juice Recipe

Rambutan is a very dangerous looking fruit, you will not be able to eat it after seeing it. But don’t worry the fruit tastes well. The fruit is oval shaped with pink hairs, and is sweet and sour. The Rambutan is the best source of proteins and carbohydrates. Also the people who have low levels of white blood cells are advised to consume this fruit. 90 percent of the people haven’t ever heard of its name.


What Is Ackee Fruit and How Is It Used?

Ackee does look like a sleeping animal, but tastes amazing. It is a light red fruit that grows in the tropical region of Africa. The shape of the fruit also is like a brain. The inner part of the fruit is yellow and white in color and is soft. People like to eat this fruit by mixing it with other fruits or vegetables. This fruit too is free of all the cholesterol and fats.   


Durain Fruit in Wayanad, Wayanad Special Traditional | ID: 12086042862

Durian too is a very dangerous looking fruit. However people who have eaten this monster looking fruit say that it tastes creamy and sweet on the inside. The smell of the fruit is pretty awful and not a pleasant one. Japan and many other countries have banned the fruit because of its sharp scent. However the health benefits offered by the fruit are nothing as compared to the smell.  If you care for your health and are lucky enough to find this fruit make sure to close your nose and just gulp the fruit.


7 Stupendous Reasons To Eat More Sapodillas | Recipe | Eat, Fruit health benefits, Food health benefits

Sapodillas are common in Mexico but not so common in the rest of the world. This fruit is brownish in color and has a black seed. The shape of the fruit is like an egg and is soft, sweet, and nutritious on inside. Some people say that it tastes like pear.  If you are in Mexico you are lucky enough  to eat it daily, but if you are not from Mexico, than you may need to visit Mexico in order to eat this fruit.  

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