Pros and cons of homeschooling

Homeschooling i.e. educating the child online while staying at home is trending all over the world. Due to the COVID-19 schools all over the world switched from manual to online mode and this concept is now trending. Some parents and students find homeschooling fun and easier than the traditional mode of teaching. This article too is related to homeschooling, and discusses it pros and cons. So without wasting any time let’s get in to the article:


Given are some pros of homeschooling that will compel you towards this system of education.


Homeschooling is rising in popularity, but do children benefit from it?

The first advantage of homeschooling is that it is flexible. Some platforms provide the students the opportunity to select the time they would like to have class on. The student can wake up at the time he or she wants and can attend the class at whatever time he or she liked best.

Get rid of tensions

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Homeschool also saves us from many tensions like, what to wear to school? How to reach school in rain? And what lunch to take along for school? In homeschooling one just needs to go in the room or corner of home and to wear anything he or she like best, even a sleeping suit. By staying away from the entire tensions one can study with concentration.

Saves times

Homeschooling saves our time too. It saves the time spend on going to school and coming back from school. It saves the time to pack bags, and to get dressed for school. Homeschooling is literally the best for lazy people.

Gives more time to teach about manners

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Homeschooling takes less time than actual school time. So, parents can have more time to teach the kid about the manners and the reality of life. Parents can spend more time with their kids in homeschool and can also take classes with their kids. If the parents spend more time with their kids they will surely teach more manners to them.   


As in homeschool, kids are in front of parents all the time so they are safe. Nowadays as we all know that the child abuse in increasing at a very fast rate. So, parents to keep the love of their life safe prefer homeschool.


Given are some cons of homeschooling that will divert your mind from opting this system of education.

Connectivity Issues

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Connectivity issues can ruin the class. If you don’t have a viable internet connection, you will end up missing many classes. Also if the internet is not stable you will not be able to understand what is going on in the class. If the class in interactive i.e. you have to unmute yourself to answer question you will not be able to answer clearly if there is noise behind you.

Make one less interactive

As children interact with their friends and teachers in school, in homeschool children don’t do that. So they are not so friendly to greet others and they will also not be able to talk with others easily. Kids who are homeschooled at early ages are less friendly than those who are sent to schools for playing and education.

Difficult to learn some concepts

Some concepts especially related to Math’s are difficult to understand online. Kids and adults are not able to grab the basic concept and this badly effect their studies and grades.   

One can lose attention

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In homeschool it becomes very difficult for one to stay attentive. Kids especially can lose attention very easily. Once the attention is diverted it becomes very difficult to get back on track. So if you are homeschooled make sure to stay attentive during the whole class.

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