Pros and cons of having a pet

Who doesn’t like animals? Nine out of ten people adore animals and want to keep one as a pet. Pets become the best friends of humans and a human cannot even think of spending his or her life without a pet friend. Pets like dogs, cats, fishes, hens, snakes, or whatever they are have a special place in our heart.  No doubt having a pet is a good idea and has a lot of benefits, but some disadvantages also come along with the benefits. Read the article below to find out about the pros and cons of having a pet friend.


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You have an all-time best friend that never lets you feel bored. People who are lonely and want to have an all-time good friend must get a pet. Dogs, cats, and birds become friends in a short time and never let one feel lonely anymore. If you are new somewhere and cannot find a friend make sure to get a pet and then you will never feel bored, lonely, or isolated.  

You become responsible. To keep a pet one must be responsible. You should be able to take the pet to the vet on time, feed it on time, and to take your cat or dog for a walk on time. Pets help to make one punctual and responsible.  

Believe us or not but pets help to improve your mental health. For people facing stress fishes are therapeutic. Dogs and cats are the best friend of humans and with their cute and innocent acts help one to fight against mental disorders.

Keeping a pet is an act of love and charity. If you keep a pet and feed it on time, love the animals and fulfill all the needs you will surely be rewarded in this world and hereafter. Adopting stray animals and loving them will change the life of the animals and off course your life in a positive manner.

Keeping a pet will make you energetic. After coming home tired from a long working day, a look at your pet will help you to feel energetic and fresh again. No matter how lazy and tired you are by seeing your pet, especially if it is a cat or a dog, you will feel fresh and happier than before.


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As we have discussed the advantage of having a pet, we all should also know the disadvantages of having a pet. Well we are not providing the cons to convince you to not get a pet, but these disadvantages will make you feel ready for the pet and you will be able to tackle the disadvantages properly and on time.

Almost all animals can cause and catch allergies. The hair, saliva, and body of an animal can cause serious allergies. You should get yourself allergy tested before making the decision to get a pet. For people with allergies turtles, fishes, and animals without fur and hair are advised. Make sure to keep your pet clean to avoid allergies and other diseases.

Animals can make a huge mess. Once they get to know where their food is they will make a mess every time. Birds can poke the curtains and clothes, fish if not properly cared for can cause smell, dogs and cats can do everything, they can eat shoes, chew curtains, break decoration pieces, and much more. Make sure to keep sensitive things out of the range of the pets, as they can break them and cause mess and also can cause injury themselves.   

Keeping a pet is very costly. After getting a pet get ready to spend all your savings. First some pets cost a lot of money, and then their food is equal to the price of rubies, the vaccinations and visits to vets also cost a lot. However all the cost is worth the fun pets bring with them.

Pets can be dangerous. No matter how attached a pet is to you if it is angry or doesn’t like your guests it can attack them. Dogs can bite the person they don’t feel safe around, cats can starch anyone including the owner, birds love to poke in the eyes. So if you have visitors and pets at the same time make sure to stay attentive towards the pet to stay away from any accident.

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