New Year traditions around the world

New Year is one of the most anticipated days of the year. People try their best to make the first day of the New Year the best and memorable. Now that we all know that 2020 was not a good year for many, 2021 was a highly awaited year. As soon as the last month of 2020 started, people’s excitement for the New Year was on the peak. 2021 was welcomed all over the world, people from different countries by the help of their traditions, tried to make the beginning of the New Year the best. In this article we will tell you about some of the amazing and fun New Year traditions from all over the world. So let’s start:

1.       Eating 12 Grapes

Grapes are loved by all. People can eat a lot of grapes in a single bite. For the grape lovers, this New Year tradition, celebrated in Spain, is the best.  In Spain, and many other parts of the world, as soon as the clock strikes 12 in the night, and the calendar change the date to 1st January, people eat 12 grapes. The 12 grapes are expected to bring good luck throughout the year. Each grape represents one month, so one grape brings luck for one month. So whenever you are in Spain for the New Year, make sure to first eat 12 grapes and then wish other people New Year.   

2.       Smashing Plates

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In Denmark, New Year is welcomed by throwing plates at the doors of their neighbors’, family, or friends’ home. People in Denmark believe that broken plates are a symbol of good luck. That is the reason why the people from Denmark, throw the plates at the doors of the people they love. Actually smashing plates basically mean to bless the people that are loved. Also, in Denmark, people jump from the chair at exact 12 AM, so that they can put life into the proverb “Jump into the New Year”.

3.       Opening all the doors and windows

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This tradition is practiced in the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world.  In this tradition, people open the doors and the windows of their home at 12 AM. They believe that by doing so, the old year will go out, and the New Year can come in. So, when you are in UK for New Year, first open the doors and windows and then wish New Year to people around you.

4.       Throwing water out of the window

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In Puerto Rico, New Year is welcomed by throwing a bucket of water by the window. In Puerto Rico, people used to wait near the window with a bucket full of water, for the clock to strike 12 AM. The people of Puerto Rico believe that by doing this, the evil spirits get out of the home. The dumping of water out of the window drives away all the evil spirits. Many other people around the world also practice this tradition.

5.       Saving a wish for next year

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Last on the list of the most celebrated traditions on New Year is to save a wish for the next year. The person writes down the goals, resolutions, or wishes on a piece of paper, roll it and can put it inside a jar. Then the person will open the jar next year and can see how much he/she has achieved over the year.  

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