Mysterious places in the world

Our planet is blessed with so many wonderful places, people love to explore and discover the world. We all know about the attractive and most visited places of the world, but in this article we will discuss some of the mysterious places of the world. These places are among the places that you should not visit at any cost, and if you want to visit make sure to say GoodBye to your family, as the chances of coming back safe and sound are very low. So let’s began:

1. The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

Banff Springs Hotel - Wikipedia

Whenever you are on vacation in Canada, don’t visit the Banff Springs Hotel.  The hotel may look like a luxurious hotel, but in reality it is not a normal hotel, in fact it is among the most mysterious places on earth especially the room 873 of this hotel. The room was regarded as haunted, spookiest, and irregular after a man killed his wife, his daughter, and later himself in the room 837 of the Banff Springs hotel, Canada. It is believed that the people who stay in this room experience blood on walls and screaming of women and kids. People even see a little child walking alone in the halls and all of a sudden disappear. Now it is believed that the hotel management had walled the room 873, still the paranormal activities can be observed while being on that floor.  

2. Crooked forest, Poland

Crooked Forest - Wikipedia

Forests usually are creepy, but the crooked forest in Poland is the most mysterious place in Poland. The 400 oddly shaped pine trees give a mini heart attack to the people who visit this forest. Some people are sure that the tools were used to shape the pine trees oddly. While some argue that it is impossible and why would one do that? The question, whether the tress was shaped like this or some unknown force makes them like that, Is still a mystery.

3. Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort - Wikipedia

Bhangarh Fort is the scariest place in India. The management does not allow the people to enter the place after sunset. It is believed that many people were killed in the fort and their souls still reside in the fort. The souls tease the people who visit this fort, and very lucky people are able to get out of the fort alive.  Even though the fort is mysterious the ancient architecture is worth seeing.

4. Eternal Flame Falls, United States

Eternal Flame Falls - Wikipedia

The mystery on Eternal Flame Falls is a subject to debate. This waterfall is located in New york, United States.  Scientists are confused regarding this waterfall as the flame can be seen behind the water falling from the waterfall. Scientists think that the rocks produce some type of gas that can light the flames. However some other researchers found that rocks are not able to produce gas and that the flames are not a result of the gas emitted by the rocks. No one can still find out what the real reason behind the burning flames is? Visitors who visit this place enjoy it a lot.

5. Highgate Cemetery, England

Highgate Cemetery - Wikipedia

Cemeteries usually are haunted and spooky, but the highgate cemetery in London, will tremble your soul. The cemetery is about centuries old. People who visit this cemetery told that they experienced some paranormal activities and found the place mysterious. It is believed that in the Victorian era some dead people exploded the coffins and escaped in the cemetery. This incident makes the cemetery a mysterious place.  

6. Area 51, United States

What is Area 51 and what goes on there? - BBC News

You may have heard about the area 51 raid to capture the aliens, but do you know what actually happened that made this area so famous. For decades the area is referred as the mysterious place because of the spotting of U.F.O.S frequently in the area. People believe that different objects can be seen in the sky of Area 51. People think that aliens live in this area and are planning to capture the whole Earth.  

7. The Nazca lines, Peru

Nazca Lines - HISTORY

The Nazca lines are located on an arid zone of Peru, the bird eye view of the Nazca lines, Peru raised many questions. The stretches of the ground are in an irregular shape just like a spider, and people are confused regarding who made them. People don’t accept the fact that the structure is made by the engineers. Some people say that animals walk on the ground leaving that mark but others argue that animals are never seen in the region. The mystery is very intriguing and no one can still solve it.

8. Koh-i-chiltan, Pakistan

Koh-i-Chiltan - Wikipedia

Koh-i-Chiltan is a mountain in Quetta, Pakistan. People believe that souls of forty kids live on the mountain. The story is that these 40 kids were abandoned by their parents and they died because of hunger and cold. The souls of these kids still play on the mountain. Some people don’t believe in the story that makes this place mysterious.

9. Aokigahara Suicide Forest, Japan

15 Eerie Things About Japan's Suicide Forest | Mental Floss

As we already discussed that the forests are spooky, the Aokigahara forest situated in Japan is the most haunted and spookiest place in Japan. This place is referred to as a popular place for suicides. More than 200 people have attempted suicide while being in the territory of the Aokigahara forest. Some people also said that while walking through the forest they frequently hear a scream and that the light automatically fades and disappears, even though there are no bulbs or light sources in the forest.  

10.   Bermuda Triangle

Secrets is Bermuda Triangle review: Documentary attempts to unravel mystery behind the region - Entertainment News , Firstpost

Last and the most mysterious place on earth is the Bermuda triangle. This mysterious and secret place is located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the Devil’s triangle or the hurricane Alley. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle became known to the world in 1945, when a group of five Aircrafts known as flight 19, disappeared and terminated all the contacts with the control tower.  The other plane that was sent to search the group of crafts also disappeared. Till date thousands of aircrafts and ships have vanished while being on the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists still cannot find out what’s wrong with this triangle.

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