Most thrilling and adventurous rides of the world

Everyone loves theme parks and rides. People no matter how old they are always excited to visit theme parks. People even regard theme parks as the happiest place on earth. Well to some extent they are right, theme parks are so attractive, colorful, and amazing that they make us forget whatever bad is going around us, and make us happy. However, not all the rides in the theme park make us delighted, some also have the ability to take our breath out. So in this article we will tell you about some of the most thrilling and strange rides that have claimed many lives and also kids and people who have some phobias are not allowed to get a ticket for this ride. So if you want to know about some thrilling rides make sure to read the article till the end:

Kingda Ka

Review of Kingda Ka - World's Tallest Roller Coaster

Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster located in New Jerseys, US. It is among the fastest roller coasters too. This ride at its highest point is feet above from earth. No matter how brave you are you definitely will end up screaming and crying for help on this ride. This ride is so fast that within seconds of riding on it you will feel as if you have taken the worst decision of your life. Kids rarely are allowed on this ride. In case you are deciding to go for this Roller Coaster ride make sure to first see some videos about it. This ride is regarded among the most dangerous rides of the world.

Cave of the Wind

Cave of the Winds - YouTube

Cave of the wind ride is located near many hills and mountains. This ride basically is the free fall ride. In this ride two or more passengers sit on seats with proper safety measures. Then they are thrown off the hill or mountain with full force. The ride takes the person from the height of the mountain to about 22 Km deep in the valley. The seats then swing in the valley. Kids and people that are sensitive and even old people are not allowed to go for this ride. This ride provides a very scary and thrilling experience.

Drop of Doom

Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom - Six Flags Magic Mountain - YouTube

Drop of Doom ride is located in many theme parks of the world. In this ride three seats each carrying nine passengers are attached with a pole or you can say a pillar that is 415 feet high. The ride first takes the seats to the top of the pillar, and then with full speed makes the seats go down. The up and down of seats continue for several minutes. People even suffer from Nausea of the ride and some even. If you want to experience the ride, just close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on a seat. All of a sudden the seat starts going up at a very slow speed. Then after a few seconds with a speed of about 137km per hour the seat is coming down and continues for about 5 minutes, you definitely would have felt butterflies in your stomach, Right?

Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain Roller Coasters and Rides

Magic Mountain too is a very dangerous yet an amazing ride. This ride is located in California. This ride too is located at the height of about 415 feet. In this ride the passengers are faced towards the front and then they are pushed towards the back and after reaching the maximum height they are then dropped from the same height at a very fast speed. People with height phobia are advised not to ride Magic Mountain.

Sky Screamer

Screamin' in the skies. Sky Screamer - Coaster Kings

This ride too is located in many amusement parks of Six Flags North America. This ride carries a lot of people in a bundle of two-seat swings and is attached to a rotating pole. The seats start to go upward slowly. Once the seats reach the top of the pole they start to swing in a wide circle and can attain the speed of 43 miles per hour. This ride gives the whole 360 degree view of the whole city.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth opens at Six Flags Great Adventure

Wonder woman too is a notable and thrilling ride located in the Texas Amusement Park. This ride is the fastest pendulum ride of the world. The ride includes a pole and a wheel full of seats. In this ride passengers, or you can say adventure seekers, are seated on seats that are located on a revolving wheel. The wheel revolves the passengers in a circular motion and the pole starts moving back and forth. This means that the passengers move back and forth like a pendulum and in a circular motion at the same time. This may seem amazing and fun, but in reality it is extremely dangerous and thrilling.

Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ride - Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge - YouTube

This ride is based on a star wars movie and is located in Disney Hollywood Studio. In this ride front two passengers operate the ship i.e. moves it left, right, down, up. The second row passengers have guns to shoot the imaginary armies on the way and thus they save their fellow riders from the enemies. The passengers on the last row work as the mechanics and repair the ship if it gets damaged during the way.  This ride is not dangerous in terms of speed, yet it’s very realistic and you will feel as if you really are in the mission and will have increased pulse rate at the end of the ride.

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