Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of the world

YouTube is the most popular entertainment source. People all over the world are in love with this platform. People who don’t like to watch Television love to watch YouTube. Another reason for the popularity of this platform is that it provides educational and entertaining stuff for all age groups. No matter how old you are you will surely find something of your interest on YouTube.  Making a YouTube channel and earning money from it also has become popular all over the world. As we all know that the earning from income depends on subscribers, given below are some of the most subscribed YouTube channels of the world till October 2020. So let’s start the list


First on the list of the most subscribed YouTube channels is the T-series. The channel has 156 Million subscribers and 14 thousand videos. T-series is an Indian YouTube channel and features Indian music and movies. T series also has many subordinate channels like T series Kids Hut, T series Telugu, T series Apna Punjab, etc. Music lovers and fans of Bollywood movies and celebrities have subscribed to the channel. The videos published on this channel get over 70k views within an hour.


PewDiePie is second on the list with about 107 million subscribers and 4.2 k videos. The content of this channel is mostly related to trending games. However, he makes videos regarding several challenges, cooking, and vlogs too. People who love games and technology love this man and his channel. The live streams done by this channel too are admired by the public. Also, it’s not a new thing for any of his videos to hit 10 million views.


Cocomelon is a channel made for kids, however, adults too love. The colors and animation on the channel are loved by all age groups. Cocomelon has about 95.7 million subscribers and the most-watched video of this channel is the bath song and it has about 3.1 Billion views. The content of this channel is related to nursery rhymes, and with nursery rhymes, only the channel has made half of the world its fan.

SET India

SET India also is the most subscribed YouTube channel. The channel has over 85 Million subscribers and what is so special about this channel is that it telecasts the long lost T.V shows of India. The channel banner itself says the trip down memory lane. People have subscribed to the channel to refresh their childhood. The most-watched video of this channel is an episode of a very famous series crime petrol and has over 166 Million views. 

5Minute Crafts

5-minute crafts too is the favorite YouTube channel of many. People who love arts, fashion, hacks, and much more watch this channel 24-7. 68.9 Million People have subscribed to this channel and all the 4.6 k videos of the channel managed to get a high view count. The most popular video of the channel is 42 HOLY GRAIL HACKS with about 280 Million views. The hacks and videos of this channel are also trending on Facebook and other social media websites.


WWE is the YouTube channel that provides the fans of WWE with the exclusive shows of WWE, with behind the scenes of WWE, and with celebrities and stars of WWE. People who love this type of content have subscribed to the channel. The most-watched video of the channel is Randy Orton makes it personal with Triple H with about 241 million views. The channel has a total subscriber count of 67.6 Million subscribers.  

Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana show too is among the most subscribed YouTube channels of the world. This channel includes pretend playing, reviewing toys, and bedtime stories. The channel has about 65.4 Million subscribers and kids all over the world are in love with the two siblings, the protagonist of the show, Diana and Roma.

Zee Music Company

Zee Music Company also is an Indian YouTube channel with 63 million subscribers.  This channel is a part of the leading Television media in India. This channel too features songs, trailers, movies, and other Indian shows. The channel also has many subordinate channels like Zee Music Marathi, Zee Music South, and others. 

Like Nastya

Like Nastya too is a channel for kids with 62.2 Million subscribers. This channel too provides fun content for kids and toddlers. The most popular video of the channel got over 864 Million views. There are many subordinate channels of Like Nastya like Like Nastya Vlogs, Like Nastya DE, Like Nastya Show, etc.

Canal KondZilla

Canal Kondzilla has over 60 million subscribers. This channel is also about music and songs. Canal KondZilla is subscribed by the people who are in love with music, songs, music videos, etc. The most popular video of the channel is Bum Bum Tam Tam with 1.5 Billion views.

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