Most dangerous fishes of the world

Fishes are the most prominent animal of the sea. Many people keep fishes in their bedroom as pets, and some make them a part of their dinner. There are many  types of fishes, some are small while some are huge. The largest animal of the world even is a fish named Blue Whale. Some fishes are adorable and one doesn’t feel any fear while touching them. However in this article we will tell you about some of the most dangerous fishes that exist underwater. Upon seeing these dangerous fishes, the other sea animals, as well as the human run to save their lives. So without wasting any time let’s start the article:

 StarGazer Fish

It is a very unusual looking fish, and on seeing it for the first time people run away from it. The sharp teeth of this fish are on the outside of the mouth, and this facial feature even makes this fish look like a monster.  This fish is able to hide itself in the sand, and when the prey come near the fish it attacks and kills them with the help of its sharp teeth. The sharp teeth help this fish to attack huge size fishes too. The fish even have injured some humans, so it’s better to not come in contact with this dangerous sea monster.

Yellow Boxfish

Yellow Box Fish - Aqua Blue Realm | Yellow fish, Yellow animals, Marine animals

This fish is very small, and looks like a yellow box with black dots on it. This fish looks very beautiful and on seeing its size one will not think that it is dangerous at all. However, this fish can be called the most dangerous fish. The little body of this fish contains poison and the water within which the fish swims also is poisonous. If the Yellow Boxfish is stressed or is annoyed, it releases the poison and makes the water poisonous. If by mistake any creature enters the poisoned water, the red blood cells of their bodies get badly damaged and within seconds the creature dies. Sea divers have to be very careful about this fish.


Red lionfish - Wikipedia

Lion fish can grow up to 19 inches. It is a very dangerous and unusual looking fish with sharp needles like tentacles covering its whole body. When a predator is near or a human touches this fish the tentacles releases poison. The poison is not life taking, but when it gets mixed with the blood it can cause severe pain. Lion fish release poison every time people touch it, so it’s pretty hard to catch this fish.

Scorpion Fish

Scorpion Fish Facts (Scorpaenidae)

Scorpion fish really looks like a monster. On seeing it, light hearted people start to cry and even some people faint. Over 200 types of Scorpion fish live in the ocean waters. The body of scorpion fish is covered with cactus like spines. When someone nears this monster it releases the poison with the help of its spines. If the fish is annoyed at someone it injects poison into the body of that creature. The poison goes into the bloodstream of the animal or human it can cause severe pain and even can kill that animal or person. The fish can hide itself inside the sea stones, so divers feel difficulty in spotting them.

Spotted Trunkfish

Spotted Puffer Hawaii: Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums

The body of this fish is covered with spots and is square in shape. The size of the fish is about 12 inches and at first it looks pretty attractive and cute. Regardless of the size and beauty of this fish, this fish has the ability to kill anyone. The skin of this fish is poisonous and when someone touches this fish, the poison transfers and can cause irritation and health issues. The divers have to be very careful regarding this fish.

Giant Moray

This animal basically is an Ele. The look of this Ele is very scary. The Giant Moray can bite and can inject poison in the body of even the largest sea creature. The bite of this Ele also is very sharp and is enough to make one scream on the top of its vocals. The teeth can go very deep inside the body of the human and other creatures and can damage the red blood cells.

Puffer Fish

Do Pufferfish Hold Their Breath While Inflating Themselves? | Mental Floss

You may have seen videos on social media in which a slim fish transforms itself into a ball filled with sharp tentacles. Puffer fish looks normal, but when the fish feels terrified it converts itself into a ball. The fish does it by filling its stomach with water or air. The fish is poisonous too, and a worldwide ban is put on catching it. However, you can find this fish in the fish farms of China.  Eating this fish can kill one.  

Tang fish

Life of Blue Tang | Life of Sea | Marine fish, Blue tang fish, Saltwater tank

Tang fish is a very beautiful and bright colored fish. It looks very cute and can attract anyone towards itself. However, this fish too is very dangerous. The fish attacks the other fish by the help of its mouth. The other features that make it dangerous are the spines covering the body of this fish. The spines are so sharp that they can cut a humans’ hand. Many fishermen are hospitalized due to the attack carried on by this fish.

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