How to prepare for Halloween before time?

As the month of October i.e. the month Halloween has started and we all are super excited for Halloween. No matter how old we get this month will always be our favorite. Smart people always prepare for the festival before time, and now this year with the Covid all around it seems a little difficult to prepare everything at the last moment. Given below are some tips on how to prepare for Halloween before time, make sure you read the article till the end as by following these tips you will surely have the best Halloween this year. So let’s start:

 Decide and get the costume at least a week before Halloween

Costume is the most important thing to catch up with the vibes of Halloween. Some people are seen deciding and creating the costume on the night before the festival. Doing this is the most stupid thing one can ever do. Make sure to decide the Halloween get up weeks before Halloween, so that you will have enough time to get or make the costume. Doing this will save you from last moment tensions and worries and will help you to celebrate the festival properly.

Stock up as much candies as you can

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As we all know, on Halloween people visit houses and ask for candies. So, candies are the most important element of Halloween. Near Halloween time, stores are always out of candies, so make sure to purchase enough candy before the actual day of celebration. Stock as much candy as you can because no matter how much you have you will always face shortage at the end. It is also observed that the Halloween themed candies are in the store for a short time and disappear near the actual day, so make sure to get as many Halloween themed candies as you can, so that you can stay away from all the worries during trick or treat.

Get the decoration stuff and start decorating the House

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Getting decoration stuff on the last day is the silliest mistake one can ever make. On the last day decoration stuff is sold for double price and also the worthy material is all sold. Make sure to get the decoration material days and weeks before the actual day. You can even make Halloween decoration stuff like ghosts, bones, bats etc. at home. Also if you will leave all the decorations for the last day you will feel tired and will end up decorating only a little. Make sure to start decorating the house before time so that you can have the best decorated house without any worries on the night before Halloween, however the stuff that is fragile and can get damaged must be used at the last moment.     

Carve pumpkin before the actual festival

To carve pumpkin is not an easy task, if you are not professional you will end up ruining many pumpkins. If you will start to carve the pumpkin a day before Halloween you will surely end up stressed with a strangely carved pumpkin in your hand. Before three to four days of Halloween, make sure to start carving your pumpkin. After you are done carving your pumpkin place it in the refrigerator or at a safe place.    

Decide the horror movies to watch on Halloween

We spend most of the afternoon of Halloween thinking of the movie to watch on Halloween. After thinking for a long time we end up watching no or only a few scenes of the movie. This year try not to repeat the mistake. Make sure to decide the movie at least a day before the festival. Some of the movies that you can watch on Halloween this year include:

  • Halloween
  • Hubie Halloween
  • Ready or not
  • Doctor Sleep
  • Hell Fest
  • The House with a Clock 

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