History of two very popular chips

Tea time is our favorite time of the day, and lays and Cheetos are the best tea time snacks. Kids and adults all over the world love to eat lays and Cheetos. These two chips are available in almost all the parts of the world. They two have become the top selling chips all over the world. It is rare to find such people, who don’t like to eat any single flavor of these two yummy chips. In this article we will tell you the history of these two popular chips, which will leave you in shock. So let’s began:

1.             Lay’s

Cool fun facts you never knew about Lay's potato chips - Insider

Lay’s is a name of a chip that everyone is aware of. More than 200 flavors of Lay’s are found in this world. People love to munch on these chips, all day every day. Today Lay’s is owned by the brand PepsiCo that is producing many other products as well. The production of Lay’s started in the 1930s. In 1932 a poor salesman named Herman Lay used to live in Nashville, Tennessee. He, in order to make the both ends meet, used to make potato chips at home and sell them on the roads and streets of Nashville. Herman Lay used to put all the chips on the back seat of his old and broken car and sell them throughout the day. He also used to sleep in the car. In short we can say that he was very poor and his only source of earning was making and selling potato chips. The flavor of the potato chips was so amazing, that people who eat it once would eat it again and again. For the next 30 years i.e. till 1962, Herman Lay continued doing the same. Many people became popular with him, and even TV advertisements were released to promote these chips. During those days other chips named Fritos, under the company Frito, were selling at a fast rate in the US. Herman Lay decided to collaborate with the Fritos Company. After collaboration the name of the company was changed to Frito-Lay and Lays were sold under the company’s name at a very fast rate. After some time PepsiCo acquired the business of Frito-Lay. Today Lays are sold in many parts of the world including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, US, UK, and Australia.

2.             Cheetos

Cheetos also are a product of PepsiCo. Cheetos are loved by people, especially kids all over the world. Many flavors and varieties of these puffs attract people towards them. The history of these yummy snacks too is very unique and strange. You may be shocked to hear that Cheetos were invented by a person, who used to clean the factory of Lays. In 1948, a person named Charles Elmer Doolin, used to work as a janitor at the factory of Lay’s. He studied till 4rth grade, and then left the school. He was less educated and was poor too. So he got the job to clean the factory, while performing his job one day he thought that the company was not producing anything spicy. However, during those days, Lay’s used to sell a powder named Cheetos, which people used to sprinkle on corn. One day the odd shaped potato chips were being separated from the original lays. Charles Elmer Doolin, took these chips home and sprinkled the Cheetos powder on the chips and added some chilies and other spices as well. The people who tried these chips loved them a lot. Charles Elmer Doolin, decided to make the CEO of Lays test the chips. He called the CEO, the assistant answered the phone, and after some days the meeting was scheduled between the CEO and the janitor of Lay’s.  The CEO tasted the chips and loved them, so he decided to produce them and sell them. Within days of launch, Cheetos became the most popular chips of the country and then of the world. 

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