Exploring Like Nastya Channel – The Biggest Kid Youtube Star Of the Decade

Kid YouTube Stars are on the rise today and most of them are gaining thousands of followers on a daily basis. In the era of technology, parents seek reliable YouTube vlogging channels like the Nastya Sten show to ensure the quality of content that reaches their kids. The Nastya Kreslina channel is a favorite channel for most of the kids, especially girls, to visit during their screen time because of the appealing videos and musicals posted by this channel. In the long list of successful child content Youtubers and vloggers, the YouTube Nastya Prokornova has gained the top position with more than 55 Milliion Global followers. Here is why the channel is worth paying a visit by parents and their kids alike.


About Nastya – My Little Nastya

Like Nastya YoutTube channel features our child YouTube star, Nastya Kreslina. Her mother runs the channel and manages the direction and production of child-friendly, quality content. In the Vlogs and YouTube videos, you can see the cute, little Nastya enjoying favorite treats offered by her sweet mommy along with latest toys and kids gadgets. The channel has won more than 4 different YouTube awards and it is interesting to mention that every sub-channel of this YouTube channel has millions of followers individually. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

Like Nastya Vlog

Like Nastya Show
Like Nastya Show

Every Now and then, the page owners post kid-friendly vlogs in which little Nastya can be seen playing with different toys, participating in new games and enjoying the best possible treatment in the care of her parents. From daily fun activities and child-friendly DIYs to new advntures and tours, the vlogs are filled with appealing content tailored to entertain the kids in a safe and child-friendly manner.

Like Nastya In Other Countries

The Nastya live channel has multiple sub-channels oriented for the location-specific audience in regions like Indonesia, Kora, UAE, Germany, Vietnam, Spain and much more. Here are the very popular sub-channels of the Nastya Sten show:

Who Runs My Little Nastya Channel?

Nastya’s mommy is passionate about fulfilling the needs of the fans of her amazing child star. Her mother not only overlooks the YouTube content creation but also manages the different other social media channels like the Nastya Instagram and Like Nastya TikTok.

Like Nastya Stories on Instagram and TikTok

Watch the mother-daughter duo set out on amazing expeditions and spend some quality time together in their home by following the social handles of Nastya channel. You can find the Nastya on Instagram here and the Nastya Sten on TikTok here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe this amazing channel to enjoy cool videos with your kids everyday!

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