Chimpanzee that went to space

When we were young we used to wish to touch the sky, we were afraid that the aliens would attack us, we used to count the stars, and we often asked our teachers about the temperature of the Sun. All this indicates that we all have been interested in space since a very young age. Almost eighty percent of us have a dream to be an astronaut. However not everyone is lucky enough to be chosen for a trip to space. On an estimate about 550 people went to space. Apart from these lucky people, there are also some lucky animals that got the ticket for Space.

At first when nobody knew about the temperature and conditions in space, scientists used to send animals so that they could see what actually is in space. In 1947, when for the first time a spaceship was sent into space, the only passenger in it was a fruit fly. Then after the fruit fly dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, mice, and even chimpanzees were sent to space.

In this article we aim to provide tribute to the unsung hero of science that is Enos! Enos the chimpanzee. Enos was born on 3rd April 1960, and was brought up in the farm of Miami, America. During that time, NASA was looking for some chimpanzees to train so that they can send them in space, and can know about the conditions, situations, and realities of space.  Enos was among the very few lucky chimpanzees, or we can say lucky living beings that got selected for the space mission.

Enos was trained for about 1.5 years and for 1200 hours. Whenever, he performs the task right he was rewarded with a banana and whenever he makes a mistake he is given an electric shock. The shock was given to prepare him mentally, as he was supposed to get the shocks in shuttle too. The chimpanzee was trained to not feel his weight in space. Many other chimpanzees too were trained with Enos, but only he got selected for the mission.

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Then after all the hard work and hours of training on 29th November 1961, he was finally sent on the mission. Unluckily, there was a fault in the space capsule and on pressing the right lever he got an electric shock. Poor chimpanzee continued doing what he was taught to do and he got 35 shocks. Thankfully, after some time the space capsule started working properly and then the chimpanzee carried on the mission. After a few minutes the fault again reappeared and Enos got 41 electric shocks.  Poor soul altogether got 76 electric shocks. Then after that the temperature of the space capsule started to rise and then the scientists decided to end the mission. It seems like the luck of the poor chimpanzee was not helping him, and the space capsule landed at the wrong place. The chimpanzee was stuck inside a burning hot capsule for about 3 hours and 20 minutes. He was then shifted to hospital and there he showed a speedy recovery.

Later on 4th November 1962, Enos suddenly passed away and the scientists said that the death is not associated with the space mission at all. Yet some people blame the space capsule for the death of the poor chimpanzee Enos. Enos was the first chimpanzee to receive the Earth Orbit.

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