Chernobyl As a Huge TV hit – A Quiet Success Story

This show, from the Sky Atlantic, has become a huge hit due to its hard-to-digest science facts. It is a western-made drama series about an incident which occurred 30 years ago in Soviet Union. The number of deaths due to this incident is still debated.

Chernobyl Series Ratings

Out of nowhere, this short series has become one of the most popular things among many people who like TV. After the release of just three episodes, this drama reserved a place in the best 250 TV shows ever made. Moreover, it got a score of 9.6 stars which was based on the reviews of 96,000 people.

Chernobyl Series New Season
Chernobyl Series New Season


Chernobyl Series New Season

The length of the show was just 4 episodes aired within 4 weeks. Still, it is a great achievement. On the other hand, if we look at Game Of Thrones, with the length of 73 episodes and 8 years of life and the reviews of 1.5 million, it only got 9.4/10 rating.

Chernobyl Series Story

Chernobyl is a great show, but what are things which made it so popular?

Chernobyl Series Season
Chernobyl Series Season

A TV writer and a Nuclear Scientist who was born and raised in Soviet Union was asked to share his feelings about the show.

Claire Corkhill, Assistant Professor in Nuclear Waste Disposal at the University Of Sheffield was interviewed. He said that he did not watch the show beforehand. He thinks science-based shows are among those shows which tend to be over-dramatic and exaggerate some things to make it more interesting and enjoyable to people. However, he says he was surprised when he saw the Chernobyl show and how accurate the show was about the incidents and their effects. He said there has been a lot of research done for this show.

Chernobyl Reason of Fame

Chris Bennion, TV writer for The Times, said that the great thing about the show is that it is very very good in facts and their presentation. From top to bottom, the show is very classy, its quality is very great. The writing of the show is very realistic. One more great thing about this show is its writer, who has previously worked for comedy series Hangover 2 and 3, has come up with this brilliant piece.

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