Checklist for Dubai Travel

Dubai is the most popular country when it comes to Traveling. The shopping centers, modern architecture, and rich culture, of the country attract millions of people from all around the world towards Dubai. Even though it is advised to see each and every part of Dubai, but when short on time, you cannot explore the whole Dubai. So, in this article we will tell you about some of the must things to do and places to see in Dubai , which will help you to explore more in less time. So let’s start:

1.       Make a trip to the Tallest Building

Burj Khalifa - Wikipedia

To make your trip to Dubai memorable, you need to visit the amazing and the tallest building of Dubai. With a height of 828 meters and 163 floors Burj Khalifa, is the tallest and the best place to visit Dubai.  The Burj Khalifa Park, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice-Rink, Sega Republic, and Kidzania make this building worth visiting, and best for all age groups.

2.       Visit the beaches

The 10 Best Beaches In and Around Dubai

Temperature wise, Dubai is among the hottest countries of the world. So the best thing to do in such hot weather in Dubai is to visit beaches. This place is a home to a lot of beaches. Some amazing beaches of Dubai include Sunset Beach, Kite Beach, la Mer Beach, Black Palace Beach, and Al Mamzar Beach.

3.       Go on a deserts Safari

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is basically a desert. So, the most fun activity to do in Dubai is to go on a desert safari.  Some of the other fun activities you can do in the deserts of Dubai include sand sledding, riding camels, bikes riding, and camping.

4.       Explore the miracle garden Dubai

Meet the Pakistani Behind the Beautiful Dubai Miracle Garden [Video] - Lens

 The miracle garden Dubai is one of the most beautiful and biggest flower gardens of the world. The garden features over 45 million plants and flowers. This place is no doubt a heaven for nature lovers. People who visit once, desire to wish it again and again.

5.       Eat the delicious food

Iran's Delicious Food Destinations - Visit Our Iran - Discover Iran

Trying new food is the best thing to do while traveling. The taste of the food available in Dubai is matchless. The streets and roads of Dubai offer the best and the yummiest food. Some healthy and delicious food items of Dubai include bread, Camel meat, Kuboos, Dates, Maqluba, and other traditional Arabic dishes.

6.       Visit the dancing fountains

Dubai Musical Fountain Show 2019 - World Greatest Dancing Fountains in Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. - YouTube

Another thing that makes Dubai famous is the dancing fountains show. The water fountains that can rise up to 275 m decorated by over 6000 lights are worth visiting, especially during night time. Everyday thousands of people visit these dancing fountains of Dubai.

7.       See the Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai - Timings, Safari cost, Best time to visit

Dubai aquarium is located in the basement of the Dubai mall and is packed with entertainment for all. The Aquarium includes thousands of aquatic animals including sharks, rays, fishes, tortoise, sea horses etc. Make sure to visit this place and interact with the creatures underwater.  

8.       Explore the Dubai water canal

Take a trip on Dubai Water Canal | Things To Do | Time Out Dubai

Dubai water canal is an artificial canal that is about 120 m long and 80 m wide. The sides of canals include shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. The Dubai water canal was inaugurated in 2016 and is a new attraction of the city. Make sure to visit it to make the most out of the trip to Dubai.

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