Board games to play when bored at home

No matter how old we get, board games will always be our favorite. When we are tired, but still want to do something fun we always prefer board games. Board games are equally fun as that of outdoor games and some of these games are educational too. Families can play these games together and can enjoy a lot. During the lockdown period almost everyone played these board games with his or her family to make lockdown period fun. This article too is related to board games. Given in the article are some of the most amazing and fun board games that will help you to enjoy while being indoor. So let’s start:


How to win at Scrabble: tips from two world champions | News Review | The Sunday Times

Scrabble is one of the toys that can help to improve kids’ memory, vocabulary, and spellings. As soon as the kid is able to spell words make sure to get this game for them.  Play it as a family and try to teach the kids as much as you can by the help of this board game. This game too improves the motor skills and memory of kids. In this game every player gets some alphabets and has to use the alphabets carefully to make words with the help of alphabets that already are on board. This board game is fun and educational at the same time.   


Why do so many kids quit chess in their teens? An advisory to parents | Parenting News,The Indian Express

Chess is the best game to play as a family. Chess is a quite tricky game but once learned becomes the most interesting and fun game. This game helps to improve child focus, thinking skills, and decision making ability. Make sure to introduce this toy to your kids too as it is the best toy that can help to increase the kid’s IQ. This game is played by two players, both of them get some pieces. Each piece has a specific name, and can be moved in a specific manner. The person who captures the other player’s pieces wins the game.


50 Greatest Card Games and Board Games of All Time | Monopoly game, Monopoly board, Monopoly

Monopoly too is a very fun money management game. In this game players move the dice and move around the board. Each player gets a certain sum of money, the player uses the money to purchase homes and hotels. More money can be gained by the help of clue cards and can be lost by paying taxes. The player can even go to jail. On the whole it is a very fun game that you should play at least once. You will definitely get addicted to it.    

Candy land

Candy Land Game Mistake - Candy Land Board Game

Candy land is a pretty new game. This game is very entertaining and colorful. This game is very easy and even a toddler can play it. This game is published by Hasbro and is a simple running game. The players can range from 2 to 4 mostly. On the turn players pick a card on which a color is mentioned, the player moves his or her marker to that color and the first one to reach the end i.e. candy castle wins the game.

Snakes and ladders

The Timelessness of Snakes and Ladders | by Doug Bierend | re:form | Medium

Snakes and ladder also is among the most popular board games. On the idea and concept of this board game many developers have developed an app for this game. This game contains 2 or more players. Each person is represented by a unique color. Players then roll the dice and cover the distance, In the journey the players find several ladders and snakes. If the player lands on the digit with ladder he or she can climb the stairs and can skip many steps, and if the person lands on the box with the snake he or she comes down and has to cover the distance again.

Ticket to ride Ticket To Ride - Play With Alexa: Various: Toys & Games

Ticket to ride too is a very fun board game. This game was developed by Alan R. Moon in the early 2000’s. This board game is like a country cross train adventure game. Each player gets train cards. Players then collect and match train cards of the same color. The players by doing this claim several routes. The person who has travelled the most distance wins the game. It is pretty impossible to describe the game in words so you better play it yourself.


Stratego-Milton Bradley Board Games: Toys & Games

Stratego is a pretty old yet a fun board game. This game is played by two players mostly, however you can choose any number of players you want to choose. Each player gets some toy soldiers, flags, and army officers. The mission of the game is to capture all the flags and enemies of the opponent. Once everything of the opponent is captured, the opponent cannot make any move, and loses the game. People play this game continuously for hours and hours, without getting bored.  Make sure to try this game at least once in your life.  

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