Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch in June

As the coronavirus crisis exceeds the lockdown timeframe, shutdowns and social distancing guidelines are going to make this year’s summer a little different. But thanks to Netflix’s new shows airing this summer, we can still enjoy the summer vibes while sitting in our homes. There are many shows on Netflix, which you can watch for entertainment and educational purposes sitting in your home. While you are pondering on what to watch, there are some recommendations for shows you must watch on Netflix. You might find a good way to spend your time at home.

Best Netflix Shows June Picks

Netflix June 2020
Netflix June 2020

1. Dear White People

This show is half-comedy and half-drama. The story takes place in the college life of some students of colour, studying between the white students who claim not to be racist. From campus security aggression and black face party, this show defines various racist situations and how they affect people of colour. It is a good show to watch if someone wants to understand the stereotypes and unconscious judgements they hold.

2. Cheer

This series focuses on the high stakes and athletic personal drama of a cheering squad of a Texas college. The squad is pursuing another championship. First, you will be drawn in by the amazing stunts and the flying action. But, after six episodes you will be fully invested in the athletes’ personal dramas and traumas.

3. Orange Is the New Black

The final season of this series was launched in 2019, but the new viewers can watch this show now. The show is based on the life of an inmate in a women’s prison. As it is a Netflix’s original series, you will spend many hours on this show.

4. Community

This is one the most-loved comedy series, and it is finally available on Netflix. It is based on a group of college students in a community college. It has six hilarious seasons, which will entertain you for hours and also encourage many indoor activities.

5. Stranger Things

Stranger Things Netflix
Stranger Things Netflix

It is one of the best shows ever launched in the history of binge-worthy shows. Netflix is airing the third season now, and the fourth one will be launched soon. It is based on a group of pre-teens who investigate the supernatural activities going on in their hometown. It is for everyone as it showcases summer season, and you will get the vibe of summer even if you cannot go outside.

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