Bermuda Triangle’s Mystery

The Bermuda triangle is the most mysterious place on earth. The enigmatic and strange place is located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, between Florida, Puerto rico, and Bermuda.  It is also known as the Devil’s triangle or the hurricane Alley. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle became known to the world in 1945, when a group of five Air crafts known as flight 19, disappeared and terminated all the contacts with the control tower.  The other plane that was sent to search the group of crafts also disappeared, and till date no one can find what actually happened to these planes while being in the sky of the area now known as the Bermuda Triangle. Till date thousands of air crafts and ships have vanished while being on the Atlantic Ocean.

What people think about the Bermuda Triangle?

Different people have different assumptions regarding, what’s wrong with the Bermuda Triangle? Some people think that the aliens reside inside the triangle and they don’t want others to invade their space so they don’t let the people go that once come to their territory. Some people think that a sea monster resides in there and kills everyone. Some innocent people think that the area is captured by the pirates. Some people think that the Dajjal lives in the Bermuda triangle and is preparing his army. The people who enter the Bermuda Triangle mistakenly become a part of the Dajjal’s army. Some think that magnetic force attracts people and crafts towards the triangle. Some put all the blame on wind and climatic conditions. And some people are sure that this place is only fictional and does not exist in reality. Some vain people for fun visit the western part of the Atlantic Ocean and want to go inside the triangle.

What science says about the Bermuda Triangle?

Now we will discuss what science and the scientists say about the mysterious Bermuda triangle. Ever since the Flight-19 disappeared the scientists and the researchers were keen to find out the reason behind the incident. Scientists from all over the world try to find out the reason. The group of scientists researched the triangle and published that the clouds on the sky of Bermuda triangle exist in the form of a hexagonal structure and referred to the clouds as the air bombs. Scientists argue that such clouds can generate storms enough for the sea to raise waves that can cause the cruise to drown. Also, the storm generated by the hexagonal clouds will be powerful enough to make the airplane fall into the sea.  However other scientists criticized the research and questioned that if it is true then where are the bodies of the passengers and crew on the ship or craft. This question opened the way for more research and other scientists are motivated to find out and solve the real mystery behind the Devil’s or the Bermuda Triangle.   

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