Animals that don’t drink water at all

It is believed that a human body can survive 21 days without drinking water. However it is not possible for one to survive without water for years. Our body needs to stay hydrated, in order to survive. But there are some rare animals on the planet that can survive years without drinking even a drop of water. In this article we will introduce to the animals that don’t drink even a single drop of water from their birth to death. So let’s start:

1.             Mealworm

Mealworms’ life starts as an egg, then the egg transforms into a larva, then into morph, then in pupa and finally in a Beetle. The body of mealworm is composed of high quality of water, however this creature don’t drink a single drop of water at all. The mealworms have kidneys attached to their rectum. The kidney absorbs the needed water from the food mealworms eat. Mealworm diet is composed of grains, vegetables, leaves, and no water.

2.             Sand Gazelle

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Sand Gazelle live in open deserts, where there is no or little water. The Sand Gazelle, adjusts its body to the harsh environment, so that it can live without water for years and years. Also, this creature is able to shrink his heart and respiratory system, to prevent loss of water.

3.             Freshwater Fish

The fishes that live in freshwater have plenty of water to drink, but they don’t drink it at all.  The skin of freshwater fish helps them to transfer water into the body. Water, through the process of osmosis, moves through gills into the body of fish. The salt water fishes however do drink water.

4.             Frog

Frog uses its skin to breathe and to get the required moisture. The skin of the frog allows it to absorb the required moisture. Frog doesn’t swallow water at all, but gets it through its skin. Strange!

5.             White throated rat

White throated rat is a small creature, covered with hair, has large ears, and bulging black eyes. These little rats usually live in deserts.  They eat cactus and other desert plants. These rates too don’t drink water. They don’t need water, as the food they eat is highly rich in water.

6.             Koalas

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Word Koala means no water. The cutest creatures, Koalas, too don’t need water to survive. The koalas hesitate to go near the ponds, seas, and other water places, as they think that the predators can eat them near water. So instead of drinking water, Koalas eat the diet that is enriched in water like eucalyptus leaves.

7.             Kangaroo Rat

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Kangaroo Rat is a rodent with powerful legs. This rodent is the best animal that can survive in deserts, without having a single drop of water. Kangaroo Rat can survive years and years without drinking water at all. The diet of this rodent includes beans and seeds, enriched in water.  

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