7 Strangest Funeral Rituals From Around The World

Strangest Funeral Rituals of The World

If you think, most of us know that there are only two ways to say goodbye to our beloved one – either it is burial or cremation. You will be surprised to know there are some cultures in this world which have very unusual ways of funerals in their traditions.  Here are some strangest funeral rituals from across the world.

1. Burial beads: Turn the dead into colourful beads

Many people in South Korea compress the remains of the dead ones into gem-like beads of different colour and display the beads at home.

2. Endocannibalism: Eating the dead

If we go back in time, the Melanesians of Papua New Guinea and Wari people of Brazil, would eat the dead to eliminate the fear and mystery of death. The Yanomami also did this.

3. Become a memorial reef in the ocean

There is a company in the US which will compress the remains of the dead into a sphere or a reef ball, which will be attached to the reef in the ocean. This reef would become a habitat for sea life.

4. Famadihana: Turning of the bones

If you talk about weird things, every seven years the Malagasy people of madagascar exhume the remains of the dead people, wrap them in clothes and then dance with the remains of the corpse. The smell of the corpse is very bad so they spray wine on it and tell stories of their loved ones.


5. Buried in a fantasy coffin

If we talk about fantasies, everyone has one. Well, if you never lived your fantasy life, you can still have a fantasy funeral. The people in Ghana bury their loved ones in things which represent their likes. The thing can be anything from shoes, fish to even a car, to describe the life of the deceased during the funeral. 

6. Tibetan sky burial: Offer the bodies to Vultures

The Bushists sometimes cut the body of the dead and then leave it on a hill so that the birds can eat them. They believe that the body is an empty vessel and this is a charity for the birds so they can eat and be happy.

7. Finger amputation in Papua New Guinea

If we talk about going away by displaying, we have to really consider the people of Dani. If a person dies, all women or children belonging to the family of the deceased have to cut a finger in order to drive away spirits.

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