7 dangerous animals that became extinct years ago

Our planet is blessed with millions and billions of animals. Some are the common animals that we see everyday, while some and endangered, and some are extinct. When we think about the dangerous animals that became extinct the first animals that come in our minds are Dinosaurs. However, there are many other animals that became extinct and they just like Dinosaurs too were huge in size   Read the article to know about such dangerous animals that now thankfully have become extinct, otherwise such animals would not have let us live in peace. Make sure to read this article till the very end to know about these animals.

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Extinct Mega-Rodent Had Teeth Like Elephant Tusks | Live Science

This animal in reality is a rodent, more commonly known as a mouse. However the size of this mouse was bigger than that of a cow. In 1987, the fossils of this mouse were discovered from South America. It is believed that this rodent used to live in South America. The skull of this mouse was about 53 cm long and the bite of this rodent was more dangerous and painful than that of a tiger. This rodent used to eat fruits and woods. The weight of this rodent is expected to be in tons. We wonder how and when they became extinct, but we are thankful that they don’t exist anymore. More commonly this rodent is known as Red Zila


Argentavis - the largest flying bird in the history | DinoAnimals.com | Birds flying, Unusual animals, Animals

This animal is among the largest flying birds that ever existed. The height of this bird can be up to 6.5 feet. The weight of this bird was more than 80 kilograms. This bird used to have the ability to gulp down anything in one single bite. These birds were inhabitants of Argentina. According to researchers these birds used to eat 5 to 7 kgs of meat every day. The fossils of Argentavis were discovered some 30 years ago.


Deinosuchus | The Isle Wiki | Fandom

Meaning of the word Deinosuchus is terrible crocodile. This animal is believed to be the biggest alligator or crocodile ever. The remains of this animal were found in 1850 in Mexico and in America. This animal existed when the dinosaurs used to exist on earth. This sea monster used to eat the dinosaurs that came to drink water on the river. The weight of Deinosuchus can be over 1000 kgs and the height can be over 39 ft. Not only that, the teeth of this crocodile used to be as big as that of a banana. Thankfully they don’t exist anymore.


Absurd Creature of the Week: The 2,500-Pound Snake That Devoured Gigantic Crocodiles | WIRED

Titanoboa is the biggest snake ever existed on the planet. The length of the snake can be over 40 feet to 50 feet. The weight of this snake can be more than 1100 kgs. The main food of this snake was crocodile and turtles, they used to swallow the prey alive. The fossils of this monster snake were discovered by a student in the area of Colombia. From the fossils the researchers concluded that these snakes existed on the planet some millions of years ago. Anaconda and python breed of snake is believed to be from the same family of Titanoboa.


The Largest Ape That Ever Lived Was Doomed By Its Size

Just like the name,  Gigantopithecus used to be the biggest apes. The fossils were found in 1935 in China. This animal used to eat plants and fruits, so we can conclude that they were not very dangerous.  The weight of the Gigantopithecus is expected to be over 270 kilograms and their height is expected to be 10 feet. These gorillas used to live in certain forests, the forest destroyed due to climate change and the apes too became extinct with the forest.


Meganeura | Walking With Wikis | Fandom

Meganeura is believed to be the largest flying insect that ever lived on the planet. The length of this insect can be over 2.5 feet. The fossils were discovered in 18880 in France and it was concluded that they existed millions of years ago. They usually were found in Europe and France. This insect used to eat small insects. Fortunately they don’t exist anymore otherwise they would have troubled our lives a lot.


The Gigantic Sea Turtle - Archelon - YouTube

Archelon was the largest and biggest turtle ever existed on the planet. The length of this turtle was over 15 feet and the weight of this sea creature, as suggested by the fossils, was over 2200 Kilograms. The average lifespan of this breed of turtle was over 100 years and they used to survive on fishes and sea plants.  Some people say that this turtle was approximately the size of the car.

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