5 mysterious things found in the Amazon Forest

Amazon Forest is one of the biggest forests in the world. This forest is home to a lot of different and rare species of animals and plants. Many mysterious things are found in the Amazon forest that no one can explain at all. In this article, we will tell you about some of the amazing and yet mysterious things that are found in the forests of the amazon. So, let’s start:

Common Basilisk

Common Basilisk, also known as Jesus Lizard, is a very mysterious type of lizard that you will find in the amazon forests. This species of lizards is not like the ordinary lizards, as this lizard can walk and run on the water. The way by which this lizard walks on water is just amazing. Walking on water is possible for this lizard because of the fact that its back is covered with fins and because of its large size. The length of this lizard is around 1.5 Ft and 70% of the length is composed of the tail.   This lizard is seen in green and brown color.

Biggest snake

Amazon is home to a lot of big snakes. Anacondas, python, and many other big snakes have been seen in the amazon forests. Many footages of spotting big snakes in the amazon forest has gone viral on social media. Some people claim that they have seen around 50 to 100 feet anacondas in the forests of amazons. Some people believe that the extinct snake breed i.e. Titan boa is also found in the forest.

Pink Dolphins

Pink dolphins, one of the cutest sea creatures, too are found in the rivers of the Amazon. This fish is very friendly and loves to interact with humans. The diet of this fish is very special and the length of this dolphin is 2.5 meters and its weight is somewhat around 185kgs. Only a limited number of pink dolphins are found in this world today, only the lucky people get a chance to see this beauty in person.


Uncontacted Tribes at Risk Amid 'Worrying' Surge in Amazon Deforestation | Voice of America - English

Even in the 21st century, there are some people who are unwilling to contact the rest of the world. Amazon forest is expected to be home to over 50 tribes. The way of there is not at all similar to our way of living. Many drones have captured these tribes, and the footages are similar to the scenes from the tribal movies. The people don’t like others interrupting their privacy and even are seen with arrows and knives.

Victoria Amazonia


Victoria Amazonia is a flowering plant found in the water of amazon’s river. This flower can bear weight up to 45 kgs. The fragrance of this flower is also very refreshing. The diameter of this flower is around 3 meters, and the flower can grow up to the diameter of 40 cm. The beautiful pink, white, and purple flowers are loved by all.

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