5 most cruel animal parents

Parents are one of the most beautiful blessings of God. Parents, no matter how poor they are, try their best to fulfill all the wishes of their children. No parent ever thinks of harming their kids, and prays for the health and life of their kids. Animals too love their kids and don’t let any harm come near them. But in this article we will tell you about some of the animals that are worst and cruel as parents. They either kill their children or abandon them. Read the article to know about the animals. So let’s start:

Stork Birds

Stork birds are large, long necked, furry bird with long and thin legs. The bird weighs over 8 kg and is 152 cm tall. Even though the bird is very beautiful, people still regard this as an evil bird. This is maybe because of the fact that this bird behaves badly with its offspring. The bird when it thinks that it is not able to feed all the chicks, the female bird throws them out of the nest. Stork Bird throw one or more chicks out of the nest either on purpose or accidently.  It is believed that the bird throw the weakest chick out of the nest. Many other birds too do the same, people believe that the birds do this to make their chicks independent.


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Hippopotamus commonly known as hippo are among the largest semi aquatic herbivores. Hippopotamus have a very strong jaw and can easily kill anyone with the help of their jaw and sharp teeth. Hippopotamus when hungry can even eat his or her own child. A video clip went viral in which a female hippo was seen taking her 2 to 3 days old baby towards the group of hippopotamuses. The group then killed the baby hippo. So, we can say that hippos too are among the cruel animal parents, which can even take the life of their baby.

Cuckoo Bird

Cuckoo bird is among the few birds that never makes their own nest. They occupy other bird’s nests and even lay their eggs in other birds’ nests. Cuckoo birds don’t even take care of the eggs themselves. The other birds, whose nest is being occupied, take care of the eggs thinking the eggs as their own. Once the cuckoo bird’s babies are born, the babies throw the other babies and eggs out of the nest. Thus we can say that the cuckoo bird is a very cruel bird that doesn’t even care for the eggs and chicks.

 Tasmanian devil

The Tasmanian devil as the name suggests is a very dangerous animal. The Tasmanian devil looks like a rat. It is a meat-eater. The teeth of Tasmanian devil are so sharp that they can easily chew bones. The female Tasmanian devil gives birth to over 50 babies at a time, but only four out of these fifty babies survive. The female Tasmanian devil is able to feed only four babies. So she picks out only four best babies that she wants to live, the rest 46 babies die within hours in front of the mother’s eyes. Some people also believe that after the kids die Tasmanian devils eat them all.

 Perch Fish

Perch fish can be regarded as the cruelest parents of the world. The female perch fish lay eggs and take care of them for only 3 to 4 days. After that she leaves the eggs alone. Most of the eggs are eaten by the male perch fish and only a lucky few ones survive.

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