5 Famous pandemics of the world

Almost the whole year of 2020 was spent inside the home due to the pandemic, Coronavirus. One thing to remember is that this pandemic is not the first ever pandemic in the history of mankind, many other pandemics too have attacked the human. In this article we will tell you about some famous pandemics that influenced the people almost all over the world. So let’s start:

1.             The Black Death

The first on the list of the pandemics that affected humanity is the Black Death. In the mid-1300’s, 12 ships from the black sea arrived at the port of Messina. People who gathered to welcome the sailors were shocked to the core of seeing dead bodies of a lot of sailors. Some lucky sailors who were not dead were seen covered in some strange black spots. After that incident, fear spread in the whole world and over 20 million people died of the disease in Europe. People believe that rats and fleas were responsible for the spread of disease. The disease ended after a lot of years through implementation of quarantine. Uninfected people were forced to stay home and the infected ones were requested to stay alone in isolation until they recover fully.   

2.             The Spanish Flu

Mutant virus: Doctors issue early warning for influenza vaccination | The Express Tribune

The Spanish flu, also known as flu pandemic 1918, was very deadly. The disease affected more than 1/3rd of the whole population. There were four waves of the disease in total that disturbed the whole world. Millions of people died of the virus and even after years the world was not able to get back to normal. The major symptoms of the disease included chills, fever, fatigue, and much more. The disease was also termed as Influenza.

3.             Cholera

Cholera in 19th century London

Cholera breaks out in the whole world between 1817 and 1824. The pandemic killed a lot of humans. People, who survived the pandemic, were left with terror and fear on seeing their loved ones dying of the disease. The symptoms of the disease included Nausea and Vomiting. Over 100,000 people all over the world died of Cholera. Health experts requested the people to drink clean water, maintain hygiene, and to wash their hands frequently to keep them safe of the deadly virus.

4.             Smallpox

As the First Smallpox Vaccine Turns 224, A Look at How It Started

When babies are born they are vaccinated against many diseases, one of the diseases that the kids are vaccinated against is Smallpox and measles.  From the 6th to 15th century, the pandemic of smallpox affected humanity several times and killed a lot of people. On average 3 out of 10 people who got the disease died and the people who survived the disease were left with severe scars. The pandemic ended when all the people who were unaffected by Smallpox were immunized against the disease by injecting the smallpox material.    

5.             Coronavirus  

The last on the list of the pandemics that affected the whole world is the recent pandemic Covid-19. The first case of the virus was reported in November 2019, the virus spread throughout the world in 2020. Thousands of people died of the virus and millions were affected by the virus. Many vaccines are found effective for the treatment of disease. Well we hope that the pandemic ends soon and no such pandemic affects humanity again. 

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