5 dangerous recreational places you should never visit

We all love to visit recreation places. A visit to such places helps us to feel relaxed and happy. Many people visit these places with their families and enjoy the time spent there. You may have visited beaches, lakes, parks, and other such recreation places, but in this article, we will tell you about some amazing and dangerous recreational places that not everyone can visit. You need to have a lot of courage to visit these places. Read the article and have a look at some of the most dangerous and thrilling tourist points of the world.

Mount Huashan

Mount Huashan, Try the World Most Dangerous Hiking Trail at Huashan, China

Mount Huashan is the most dangerous mountain located in the province Shaanxi of China. This mountain can be regarded as the most dangerous place on earth. It is nearly impossible to climb this mountain. The mountain has a height of 7070 feet and has five peaks. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year and try to climb the mountain but the majority fail to do so. Obstacles, narrow paths, and many other things make the hike difficult. Many people even died while trying to climb the mountain.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

This place too is located in china. Recently a wood bridge in China was replaced with a glass bridge. The glass is so clear that the earth is clearly visible from it. The bridge is located at a height above 590 feet from the earth. People with height phobia are strictly not advised to visit this bridge. The 24mm double glass layer used to make this bridge is super durable, but the fact that the glass looks so clear and fragile gives the visitors’ goosebumps.


Kjeragbolten is another very scary and unique tourist place in the world. This place is located in Norway. The place is basically the name of the huge stone that is placed in between two mountains. The look of the stone gives the visitors the feeling that it will roll over in some time. The stone is located at a height of 990 feet. People love to visit this place, as they sit on the stone and see the beauty surrounding the mountains.

500 Feet High Gap Bridge

This gap bridge is located in China, at the height of 500 feet from the earth.  Many daredevils love to visit this bridge. The fact that makes this bridge super scary is that it is not secured with any barrier. People who visit this bridge are secured by safety belts, yet the view of the bridge is enough to scare one to death. People who claim to be brave and strong also are seen crying while crossing this bridge.

Death Valley

The place as the name indicated is a super dangerous place in this world. The place is located near California and Nevada border. This place is hottest in summers and coldest in winters. The irregular temperature of the area makes this valley super dangerous. Many people have died in Death Valley because of the deadly temperature. Some people say that visiting this place is the best idea for suicide.

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