5 Cool Facts About The Human Body

If you get enrolled in any medical college and study anatomy and physiology of the human body, you will get to know that there is so much to learn. Many students find human anatomy and physiology a fascinating part of the program. 

Here is a list of 5 unique things about the human body.

 1. All of us started as a single cell.

If we see now, our bodies are very complex and consist of a huge number of things but a long time ago we were just a cell. When an egg is fertilized, it becomes a zygote meaning a single cell. The zygote then starts the procedure of dividing into multiple cells and becomes a fetus. But we all should know, in the beginning, we all were just a single cell.

Cool Facts About Human Body
Cool Facts About Human Body

 2. Your digestive tract could be 30 feet long.

The alimentary canal or digestive tract starting point is from where food goes in and the ending point is from where the waste comes out. This long route has many different points like organs and tubes, attached to it, which remove the nutrients from the food and discard the waste. This whole canal can be 10 yards long if you ever are able to stretch it. The longest part is the small intestine which can be as long as 20 feet long.

 3. You have a tailbone.

Coccyx is a structure which is located at the end of your spine. It is also called a tailbone. It is quite possible that the remains of the tail comes from our ancient simian ancestors.  It is a part of the body which you do not really need or think about,  but the injuries related to coccyx are not uncommon. Still, there are some very rare cases when people are born with real tails.

 4.  The hardest-working organ? Your heart.

The heart is the most mind blowing part of the body. Yes, many of us believe it as a place for the emotions of your body. Howver, this is not true as heart does other functions than sustaining emotions. If we talk in numbers the human heart beats around 100,000 times a day and 35 millions times a year and during an average human life the heart will beat 2.5 billions a time.

 5. Human beings glow in the dark.

If you know about bioluminescence, you may also know that some creatures have their own light like fireflies. Even the humans emit a small amount of light. The Japanese studies have shown that the light emitted by humans is high in the late afternoon, and lowest at night.

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