5 biggest things ever stolen

The stealing of small things is a common practice. Thieves steal things that are easy to hide and to take away with. Money, gold, and other such things that can fit inside a pocket are pretty common item that are stolen. However, there are some daring or you can say non sense thieves too that have stolen the largest things that are impossible to hide. In this article we will tell you about some of the things one will not even think of stealing, also stealing such things requires a lot of hard works and efforts. So without any further delay let’s start:

Oil Tanker Ship

Oil tanker

We all have heard tales of pirates. Somalia’s pirates hold a special place on the list of thieves and criminals. Although with the strict rules and legal system the pirates’ activities have been controlled to a greater extent. In 2017, Somalian pirates stole a full oil tanker ship that coasted around 100 million dollars. The pirates captured the crew of cruise in a small compartment of the ship and shut down the sources of communication. It was hard to believe that a full ship carrying millions of gallons of oil is stolen. After a few days, the authorities recovered the ship and the crew members were totally fine.


9 Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane | by Jake Daghe | Better Marketing | Medium

On 25 May 2003, a Boeing 727, registered N844AA, was stolen at Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, Luanda, Angola. The two pilots or we can say thieves, stole the plane and till date no one where the plane and the pilots are. The plane was on the run way and was not yet cleared by the ground staff to fly and the pilots took off the plane. The only good thing was that there were no passengers on the plane. The pilots cut off all the sources of communication including the navigation system and stole the plane without getting caught.

 Dinosaur Fossils

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Dinosaur bones are one of the most amazing elements of the science museums. Can you even imagine that someone can stole dinosaur bones? In 2012, a man from Florida was arrested because he stole dinosaur bones from a museum of America. After stealing the bones he exported them to magnolia illegally and sold them in an auction for 17 Million rupees. Even though the man got arrested while selling the bones, the bad thing was that many bones were already sold by him and the museum from which the bones were stolen was not able to get them again.

A Church Roof

Thieves steal Houghton Conquest church's lead roof - BBC News

Can you believe that out of all the things, some people decided to steal a church’s roof?  In England, thieves stole the precious lead roof of the church costing around $225,000. Even after years of investigation the thief was not caught. The church then by the help of donation made the roof again but instead of lead the church management used steel. No one knows why the theif or the thieves stole the church’s roof.

3000 Pound Temple Bell

Upbeat News - The Most Insane Things That People Have Ever Stolen

In 2005, some stupid thieves stole a 3000 pound bell from the Washington Buddhist temple. The bell coasted a lot. The police made a statement that it is impossible for a single person to steal the bell and there must be a gang behind the crime. After six years, police found out 6 cars, unique tools, and the bell in its original shape. The bell was returned to the temple’s management and they reinstalled it, but the gang behind the crime is still unknown as they ran off when the police approached them.  

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