5 Animals that saved people’s lives

Animals are regarded as the cutest creature on the planet. Pets are likely to recognize their owners within days. Pets’ animals cannot see their owner in pain and are likely to risk their own lives to save their owners’ life. In this article, we will tell you about some animals, including wild, pet, and marine animals that saved people’s lives. Read the article to know about these cute little lifesavers.

Speedy the goat

Once upon a time, a little girl received a goat as her birthday present. She named the goat speedy. The goat was loved by the whole family. Once the family was sleeping, suddenly speedy started jumping on the owner’s chest. This was because she smelt something burning and wanted to alarm her family members. When the girl woke up, she saw that the garage of the home was caught in fire, she alerted the other family members. The whole family, including speedy, were safe from the fire, but the house was completely damaged. 

Khan the dog

Doberman Pinscher Saves Baby From Deadly Snake Attack | Petslady.com

Khan the Doberman, was playing with Charlotte, her toddler owner in the backyard, just 4 days after been adopted by the family. Suddenly, a big poisonous snake appeared and started approaching the girl. Khan being the nice dog pushed the baby 1 meter away from the snake. The girl was safe but Khan got bitten by the snake.  Thankfully, Charlotte’s mom called the vet, and Khan too was saved.

Dory the Rabbit

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Cambridgeshire | Life-saving rabbit wins top award

We all think that rabbits are so small and delicate, that they cannot save a human’s life. However, Dory the rabbit proved us wrong. Once, the owner of Dory and his wife were watching TV. Suddenly the owner went unconscious, and his wife thought he was sleeping. Dory knew something was not okay, she started to jump on her owner’s chest, by doing this she shifted the owner’s wife’s attention from TV to the person. The wife then took the owner to the hospital, and he was saved from the coma.

Mila the beluga

Beluga whales are believed to smell danger. Mila the beluga also saved a life. Once upon a time, a young diver was diving in the territory of Mila. Unfortunately, the diver’s leg was cramped and he was unable to move. Mila then dragged the diver from his leg and saved him. If Mila would not have done this the diver would have been drowned and died.

Ning Nong the Elephant

Elephant that saved young Brit from 2004 tsunami found in Kanchanaburi | Coconuts Bangkok

During the tsunami of 2004, Amber Owen was enjoying her vacation in Thailand. She was riding on an elephant named Ning Nong, near the sea. Suddenly, the elephant started to move away from the sea, Amber found it quite strange, but when she looked back she found a huge sea wave. Ning Nong then took Amber to a safe place, hence saved her from the tsunami.

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