4 pranks that took lives

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4 pranks that took lives

Pranks are the most common way of entertainment. Having fun with other person without harming him or her is the best way to entertain yourself and the other person as well. However, sometimes people took the prank to other level, which results in some trouble. In this article we will tell you about some pranks that were not normal and took lives, so let’s start:

Bigfoot is an ape like animal. Some people believe that it exist in reality while some believe that it is only a fictional character. In 2012, a 44 years old American man dressed up as big foot to scare the people. He used to live in the Montana State of America, in Montana there was a highway named US 93. He selected the highway as the venue for prank.  He was playing the prank when 2 cars accidently hit him. The first car was drove by a girl and she got so scared on seeing the Bigfoot, that the car got out on control and she hit the man playing the prank. In the meantime another car hit cars hit the 44 years old man, and he died on spot.

In 2013 in the American state of Colorado a family was going somewhere. Their 15 years old son was at home. They area where they used to live was very isolated and scary. So they requested their 21 years old neighbor to stay with them. The neighbor took his licensed gun and came to their house. In the meantime Premela Lal the daughter of the family came home from her university. She knew that no one was at home except her brother and neighbor. So she decided to scare them. She entered the house from the back of the home and hid herself in a cupboard.  The neighbor was playing video game with the 15 years old son. He heard some noise and took his gun, when he was passing by the cupboard, Premela Lal scared him and he accidently shoot the girl. The girl was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately the prank took her life.

In 2011, two boys aged 18 and 19 years old living on that Ohio state of America, decided to play a prank on the drivers by covering the stop sign on highway by a plastic, so that no one can read it. They thought it is only a prank, but the prank went wrong when it killed two old women. The women were driving the car and couldn’t read the sign so they hit another other car. Both of them died on spot. One of the boys was sentenced to be in prison for 4 years while the other one was freed because it was proved that he continued to stop his friend from the prank.

Kentucky teen accidentally hangs himself pulling prank with Halloween noose decoration - New York Daily News

The last prank that went too far, was played by a 16 years old boy living in the Kentucky state of America. In 2013 he decided to play a prank with his sister on Halloween. He decided to loosely hang him with a rope, and when his sister would think that he had died, he would get up and will scare her. Unfortunately things didn’t went as planned, he hung himself too tightly that he passed away within thirty seconds.   

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