4 pictures that proves that animals have emotions too

It is believed that pictures speak louder than words. In many cases our tongue is not able to say what we are feeling, but eyes truly depict what we are facing. Similarly in some cases audios, videos too are not able to do justice with the scene. Some people think that only humans are able to feel emotions and the animals don’t feel anything. For such people this article is a must read, as it includes four pictures in which we can clearly see the emotions expressed by the animals. So without wasting any time let’s start the article:

Monkey crying on the death of baby

It is believed that motherhood is the best feeling. A mother loves her child and cannot see the child in pain.   No matter if the mother is of some human or of some animal, both love their offspring equally. In this picture we can see a female monkey mourning over the death of her infant monkey. The picture doesn’t need any explanation as the expressions of monkeys are enough to explain the situation. In this picture as we can see the monkey is holding her lifeless baby in her hands and is crying while her head too is facing the sky. This picture purely depicts the motherhood and the grief of an animal.

Dog crying on the grave of owner

This picture too is heartbreaking. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on this planet. A dog loves the owner more than he or she loves himself/herself. To say dogs a blessing will not be wrong. Dogs are the best friends of humans and cannot live without the owner. Have you ever wondered what a dog thinks when he doesn’t see the owner for many days? Or have you ever thought how a dog used to feel when the dog gets to know that he will not be able to see the owner ever again? This surely will be a terrible feeling for the innocent souls. This picture shows a husky, crying near the grave of the owner who passed away. We can clearly see the tears in the innocent eyes that are reluctant to say goodbye to their favorite person.

Bird mourning over the death of partner

A spouse is the one we share all our secrets with. Animals too love and care for their partners and are not ready to leave them. In many cases we have seen that when the one bird dies the other too is depressed and sad. This picture shows the same too. We don’t have words to explain the picture, as no words or sentences can do justice with the picture. In this picture a bird is seen mourning near the dead body of the other bird. The eyes of the bird show the sadness and grief he/she is facing.

Elephant greeting a new friend

We all love to make new friends, well animals too love to make new friends. This picture shows Kavan, the world loneliest elephant, shaking his trunk with another elephant. Kavan used to live alone, without any friend for about 8 years. He used to feel depressed when he was lonely. After he was shifted to Cambodia, a picture went viral on social media which won the hearts of many. In this picture we can see that Kavan is no lonelier as he is shaking the trunk with another Elephant, this means he is making new friends. The smile on the face of the elephant is enough to tell you about his excitement on seeing a friend.

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