3 Most Haunted Locations Of the World

Do you have a thing for exploring the most haunted locations in the world? Some of the haunted places on earth give us a deeper look in the history and past culture of the history of that place.

From theChâteau de Trécesson in France, which is believed to be haunted by a young woman who was buried alive, to Morgan house in India which is visited by the tortured wife who lived there in the past, there are houses which are not only homes for the ghosts but also legends have been passed down from decades or centuries.

Our Top Picks For Most Haunted Locations in the World

Here are our picks for some of the most haunted places on earth.

Beijing, China — Chaonei No. 81

Also known as Chaonei Church, the location is famous for being the most haunted place in Beijing. There is no record of why the home was built, and there have been numerous disappearances of people related to property. At the entrance of the home, there is a notice that there are no ghosts in the house. But there are stories which describe otherwise.

Beijing China Chaonei No 81
Beijing China Chaonei No 81

The most common story is when a mistress of a government official was found dead by sucide in the home, while her husband was away. It is said that she now haunts the place.

Beijing China Chaonei No 81 Video

Brittany, France — The Château de Trécesson

It is said that this place is haunted by a woman’s ghost, who was buried alive in the property.

Brittany France The Château de Trécesson
Brittany France The Château de Trécesson

The story told by the thief, who was entering the house, states that he saw two men digging a hole in the ground and then throwing a young woman wearing a wedding dress in the hole. He heard the man talking that she dishonored the name of the family so she deserves to die. The man ran to his home and told the whole story to his wife. His wife suggested he go back and save the girl, but when he arrived back it was too late and the girl had died.

Brittany France The Château de Trécesson Video

Kalimpong, India — Morgan House

Kalimpong India Morgan House
Kalimpong India Morgan House

It is said that this house is haunted by Ms. Morgan who was tortured by her husband before his death. The house was initially owned by the couple who lived there. The husband usually tortured the wife which led to the sorownes and unhappiness in the heart of the wife, later on she died. The property was abandoned by the husband. After a while, it was owned by the government of India and now runs as a boutique hotel. There are alot of stories told by people that they still hear the tapping of the heels of Ms Morgan.

Kalimpong, India Morgan House Video

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