2020 events that shake the world

To regard 2020 as the new season of the series of the unfortunate adventures would not be wrong at all. People welcome 2020 with great happiness unaware of the fact that 2020 is bringing a lot of bad stuff with it. Not only the virus spread around the world in 2020, but fires, earthquakes, attacks, also played their role in making 2020 the worst year ever. To show you how bad the year was we will tell you about some of the events and accidents that occurred in 2020 and made the world sad. So let’s start:

The spread of Virus


As we all know that most of 2020 was spent inside the homes due to lockdown. In the end of 2019, novel Covid 19 virus spread in the Wuhan province of China, and within the first few months of 2020 it spread all over the world. China, Italy, Spain, and America were the main target of the virus. To prevent the spread of the virus almost all the countries closed their borders, schools, malls, and other tourist spots. Due to the lockdown many celebrations and events were cancelled making 2020 the worst year of the decade. So we can say that the thing that contributed the most to make 2020 worse is the virus that killed almost 1.01 Million people in the world and infected about 33.6 million people.

Australian Bushfire

Australian bushfires: Military deployed to help devastated communities as death toll rises

Australian Bushfires didn’t let the Australian people celebrate 2020 with peace. By the beginning of 2020, sudden fires started in the forest of Australia, and were not ended till several months. The destruction caused by the fire was a lot. Over 33 acres of land was ruined, 1 billion trees were damaged, millions of animals died or got injured, and 33 people died because of this wildfire.  To call it the worst fire in the history of the world would not be wrong at all.  

The black life matters movement

As we all know, how an innocent American African man named George Floyd was brutally killed by the white police in the U.S. The accident caused a lot of hustle among the people. People from all over the world started to protest against the brutal behavior of the white police.  People without caring for the virus and the lockdown gathered on the streets and raised slogans demanding justice and for the  black life matters movement.

US Iran tension

us iran tension: Iran attacks US airbases in Iraq as US-Iran tensions escalate - The Economic Times Video | ET Now

The tension between the two countries started on 8th January 2020. When the U.S. launched a missile and killed Iran major general Qasem Soleimani. Iran with a heart full of sadness and anger decided to attack the U.S. The U.S, also was ready to attack Iran. However shortly the matter was solved and they both stayed away from war. But the citizens of both countries and of other countries were really worried over the situation.

India China Rivalry

China-India rivalry warms up in South Asia | Dhaka Tribune

Just like the U.S. and Iran, China and India too decided to give tension to the world by the war provoking activities. On 5th May the troops on the borders of both countries are involved in war provoking activities. Many soldiers were killed in the conflict, now both countries through negotiation have ended the matter, still the danger of war between both countries is not over yet.

Death of Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, 41, dies in helicopter crash; daughter of ex-Los Angeles Lakers star and seven others dead | South China Morning Post

2020 was a sad year for the lovers of basketball. One of the famous and efficient players of basketball along with his 13 year old daughter Gigi Bryant passed away suddenly in a helicopter crash. Along with the player and his daughter seven other people also died in the crash. World was sad about the death of their favorite baseball player and dedicated 2020 the title of the cursed year.

The attack of Locust

Locust attacks in Pakistan raise fear of massive food shortages, South Asia News | wionews.com

When the world was in financial crisis due to month long lockdown, locust also decided to play its part to further irritate the world. To regard the attack of locust as the biggest attack would not be wrong at all. Spreading from the Eastern part of Africa to the Indian subcontinent, Locust destroyed huge acres of land. On average 50,000 acres of land was destroyed by the wicked locust in 2020, making 2020 the worst year.

Volcanic Eruption in Philippines

Philippines Mayon Volcano Explodes, Violent Eruption Imminent | Live Science

Next event that shook the world was the Volcanic Eruption in the Philippines. In January 2020, the second largest volcanic mountain began erupting. The volcano killed thousands of people, damaged dozens of homes, and destroyed a lot of land. People who got affected from the volcano still are not able to get over the loss they suffered.

Earthquake in Turkey

Erdogan warns of 'propaganda' as Turkey earthquake death toll rises | Euronews

Just at the beginning of 2020, turkey was hit by a strong earthquake. On 24 January 2020, the earthquake with magnitude 6.8 hit Turkey. Many buildings ended up as ruins due to the earthquake. 41 people died, 1600 got injured, and 84 got seriously hurt. Turkish people after the earthquake started to regard 2020 as the worst year.

Beirut Explosion


Cypriot police interview Russian at centre of Beirut blast - Splash247

Next event that made the world cry, occurred on 4 August 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon. Large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at the port of Beirut exploded. The accident caused at least 200 deaths, 6,500 injuries, US$10–15 billion in property damage, and leaving more than 300,000 people homeless. The videos that come from the site of the attack were heart wrenching.

Afghanistan Hospital Attack

Afghan attack: Babies killed as gunmen storm Kabul maternity ward - BBC News

In May 2020, some cruel terrorist stormed the maternity ward of a hospital in Afghanistan. The blast killed 24 people including newborns, mothers, and nurses. The stories that we heard after the attack are able to make one cry. Little babies either died or injured without mothers made every eye teary. People were mad over the fact that how can someone gather courage to attack and kill some minutes, hours, or even seconds old baby.  

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