13 weird myths around the world

There are over a hundred countries in this world. Every country had its own culture, religion, and practices. Every country differs from the other, and people from one country love to visit the other country and to know about it.  When people interact with people from another country, they get to know about the differences. One such difference that exists between people is that they all have different beliefs, more commonly known as Myths. Myths basically are the beliefs with no scientific evidence and are perceived differently by people. In this article, we will tell you about 13 strange myths that people around the world believe in. So let’s start:

  1. The black cat crossing your path is a sign of Bad luck. Many Asian countries believe that the black cat brings bad luck with itself. Some Asian people believe if you come across a cat in the morning, then your whole day will go bad.
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2. Some very few people around the world believe in the myth to visit the hospital on Wednesday. They believe that if they will visit the hospital for a normal checkup on Wednesday then they will definitely be fine.

3. In Portugal, people don’t walk backward. The Portuguese believe that walking backward brings bad luck so it should be avoided at any cost.

4. In Rwanda, people don’t eat Mutton, Goat Meat. There is a myth in Rwanda that eating goat meat will give you unwanted body hairs, so you should not eat it.   

5. Irish people make their brides wear bells on the dresses. Irish people believe that bells ward off the evil eyes and the new couple will be safe from all evil eyes if the bride will hang bells on her dress.

6. Don’t get mad if someone throws water at your back in Serbia. In Serbia, people believe that throwing water at the back of people brings them good luck.

7. In India, it is considered very bad to take scissors from someone’s hands. Indian believes that if they will take scissors from the other person’s hand, they will get in a bad fight.

8. When in Russia, don’t give the yellow flower to anyone. Russian people believe that giving someone a yellow flower is like cursing them.

9. In India, people don’t get haircuts on Tuesday. Haircuts on Tuesday mean bad luck so they should be avoided.

10. In Syria, YO-YOs are banned. Syrian people believe that YO-YOs bring drought so they should be banned.

11. Italian people believe that if an Owl lands in your house, someone will die. However, there is no proof for it. Also in Egypt, if someone hears or sees an Owl then he or she should get ready for some terrible news.

12. Russian people pray that the bird will poop on them. As they believe that Bird’s poop brings good luck. Weird, Right!

13. In France, it is believed that if you step in a dog’s poop with your right foot it is bad luck, and if you step in a dog’s poop with your left foot it is good luck.

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